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  1. My issue has been solved. I purchased a nee HDD. A WD black 1TB. Thanks anyways & have a great day!
  2. I never used thermal paste after they installed a new cpu cooler when my motherboard burned. I guess that is the issue then. I ordered the nzxt kraken x61, im not sure if it comes with thermalpaste though. If not, do you know any good thermalpaste brand or something since there are lots of different ones.
  3. My pc does boot up, it starts up my programs etc (only 4 or 5) but the fans go fast as if im playing a heavy game. It only happened twice today though. It doesn't happen often. Maybe failure in the hdd which will be fixed next week when my new hdd arrives. My motherboard is "ASrock 970 extreme3 R2.0" its only 1 years old though. My old motherboard burned in an old case of mine. When it burned I purchased a new case "corsair carbide air 540". My pc never geta hot, not even with games like gta5. It gets enouhg cooling.
  4. Hello, A while ago I've made a forum topic about my Benchmark results, according to Nathan my CPU/GPU were fine. The problem was/is my HDD. Yesterday I've ordered a new CPU Cooler and a new HDD. Since today I've experienced another problem/issue with my pc. Once I booted my pc my fans started to go on High Speed, and suddenly my PC turned off. I did not press any button. Does anyone perhaps know why this happened? Is it perhaps an issue with my PSU? (My PC is currently 3 years old -> My PSU/CPU/GPU/HDD. I'd like it if I could get some help with this, if it is my PSU I will probably purchase another asap.
  5. It would be amazing if you could list a couple good 1TB HDD's to purchase. I don't want to spend too much money on them though. Thanks already!
  6. I have checked it again, it still says 100% Harddisk usage even though my pc is running again. Here's the processen tab And here's also the age of my harddisk: 23 January 2013 was when I purchased my PC. I know it's a long time, it probably has to be renewed.
  7. I'd like to do that yes, but I need to be sure that it is my Harddrive, and not something else. If you are 100% sure that it is my harddrive, I will probably get myself a new one.
  8. Before I opened my Dota, my harddrive started to make weird noises again. My media player which I was using to watch a movie crashed. My browsers didn't work. Then it worked again and opened my Dota. Then it started to crash programs again and making weird harddrive sounds. (I have it recorded on my phone, I will upload it if I find out how to do it). I also made screenshots of my activity: (It's in Dutch though). I also made a screenshot of when my windows stopped working: I'm sure that it is my Harddrive which is causing these problems. My CPU stays low. I also noticed my internet connection is lost while having this lag/crash etc.
  9. I have scanned my disk yesterday, it did find some issues, but the issues got repaired. After it was repaired the issue was/is still here. I seriously don't have a single clue what the problem might be. (I just ran another disk scan, no issues were found.)
  10. I have checked the health, with this HDD Health program. Here are the results. It says it's alright, but still I think it's my harddrive which causes the problems. Since my CPU/GPU is fine. I forgot to mention this before: ''Once my pc is booted, and my programs are loaded. The PC runs fine. No issues, except for the sudden FPS drops in games. (Dota 2), that's the only game I play these days. My pc is also clean, the pc nearly has nothing on it, except for some Downloaded Movies. (Which are virus free)
  11. I have cleaned pc with a maxxxter air duster, the case itself with some wipes. I haven't touched any of the hardware. I have tested my pc booting a couple more times. It boots, once at the desktop it takes about 5-10 to fully load all my programs at startup. My harddrive also makes some weird noise while loading. Once it's done loading it quiet again. (Weird clicking noise?)
  12. Hello, I do not really know alot about computers, cpu/gpu and so on. I've cleaned my PC yesterday and ever since my pc is acting weird. Sudden FPS drops in games ''200+ fps drops to 20-30 for 7 seconds, then goes back up to 200+''. It's a bit weird. This is not the only issue, last night when I startup my PC it went really slow, once I reached the desktop everything freezed. Nothing was working. I left my PC on the entire night (for about 6 hours) then it was booted. That's why I've tested my CPU/GPU etc with this program but I have got no clue if it has any issues or not. I'd appreciate it if I could get some help with this. Thanks! Verified Novabench Score: 1460 Test run on March 14, 2016 at 03:08Microsoft Windows 10 Home AMD FX8350 EightCore running at 4000 MHz AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series GPU16341 MB System RAM (Score: 214)- RAM Speed: 7473 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 679)- Floating Point Operations/Second: 244787752- Integer Operations/Second: 640457320- MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 963330Graphics Tests (Score: 536)- 3D Frames Per Second: 1463Hardware Tests (Score: 31)- Primary Partition Capacity: 293 GB- Drive Write Speed: 110 MB/s