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  1. Although that's somewhat surprising that seems to make sense. I am up to date on every Windows updates though unless there's something I'm missing. Could be as I have ELAN hardware but I'm using a wireless mouse and Lenovo replaced my mousepad when I had trouble with my hard drive. Additionally, whenever this problem of mine happens, it's more like my PC stalls or freezes for half a second and both the audio and mouse glitch out, it's never one or the other as far as I can tell. I do think I'll try to upgrade to W10, as I think it did clear up that problem the last time I tried it. Unfortunately, I think I got a BSoD or blue screen and had to reset my PC to default settings but that may have been because of my hard drive. Since then I think I tried W10 again but the update froze and I had to force shutdown my computer after 4 or so hours of it frozen on (I think) 70%. In any case, I'm a bit weary of trying to update again. Though that could've been because I tried to go from W8 -> W8.1 ->W10 right after the other? I don't think it is according to Speccy and Lenovo repairing it not that long ago but if it is still a problem what would be my next steps? And if W10 somehow fails? Also, thanks for your help Nathan
  2. Hello, I've been trying to figure out this problem with my Laptop that's just annoying me. When I load a new page or switch tabs, occasionally my audio will stutter and my mouse tends to teleport and I can't figure out why. Here's my scores; https://novabench.com/view/904880 My laptop is a Lenovo Y500 IdeaPad and I've had to get it repaired twice in the three years I've had it. First was my motherboard breaking and second was for my hard drive and although Lenovo has fixed it both times, they haven't seen this particular problem. I know that a "gaming" laptop was a huge mistake on my part and that it's pretty old at this point but considering I have barely played or done anything on this laptop besides browse and watch Youtube videos, I'm pretty frustrated with this. I barely know anything about computers let a lone diagnosing them so if you have any information, I'd like to know. You might have to treat it like you're explaining it to a toddler though. Thanks.