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  1. Thanks, NickPick528, I cannot terminate the sync/backup/transfer, so I paused the sync. Download speed is 0.89 Mbps, while the upload speed is 0.27 Mbps. The folder attempting to move to OneDrive is 73.2 GB. I reallywould like to finally terminate/stop the transfer
  2. Dear Nathan and NickPicl528, Many thanks for your contributions. I was trying to tidy my computer so I put my folders/files from OneDrive on to my desktop. Then I moved this folder to an external drive and tried to put it back into OneDrive. I use Windows 8.1 and the normal backup procedures. Sorry for being confused, and I appreciate help.
  3. Nathan, many thanks for your reply to my first post here. I regret very much, because I made a huge error. The results I quoted were for two different computers. I forgot that I bought a new laptop some time ago, and the results were for my old tower desktop computer and for my laptop. So my problem may be that the score I have cannot reasonably be increased, so presumably I will just to wait for OneDrive to be synchronized. In the meantime everything seems to work. I wonder can synchronization be speeded. Any suggestions to my new problem? Noelfitz,
  4. My NovaBench score was 1350 and is now 304. As I am currently trying to sync my computer and after several days it is only 6% complete (mainly due to OneDrive) I would like to get a better NovaBench score. I have tried to do this using CCleaner, with little success. I would welcome advice and suggestions. Thanks.