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  1. That's pretty terrible. I have the same exact config in my gaming PC and that gets a score of over 2,100. Make sure it's getting enough air (nothing is clogging the fans, etc) and make sure it's getting enough power (power supply is working properly, its fans aren't clogged, there is nothing selected in control panel that'd cause it to run slower).
  2. Your hard drive is probably fine, the hard drive testing in Novabench is messed up and will be fixed in the next version. Your GPU is fine, and you r RAM is fine. It looks like there might be an issue with your CPU. Make sure nothing is restricting it from getting adequate power and airflow, so clean out any vents and turn off anything along the lines of low power mode.
  3. Novabench 4.0 is coming out very soon and will contain all of the hard drive/solid state drive bug fixes and a more advanced speed test that will be accurate.
  4. Novabench 4.0 is coming out very soon and will contain all of the hard drive/solid state drive bug fixes and a more advanced speed test that will be accurate.
  5. Novabench 4.0 is coming out very soon and will contain all of the hard drive/solid state drive bug fixes and a more advanced speed test that will be accurate.
  6. Novabench 4.0 is set to come out very soon and will have all the bug fixes we are looking for, and it will work great.
  7. Make sure no power settings/low power mode is interfering with you computer's performance, and make sure the computer is getting enough airflow (no dust in the fan, etc...)
  8. How fast was the mb/s reading? For a WD Green, it seems to be just fine...
  9. Flying into the future here, I did some shameless promotion of Novabench on, where there is about 577 members. If only the old was still around, that had multiple tens of thousands of users from 2004 - 2015.
  10. Everything seems to be working perfectly and I wouldn't change anything!
  11. Please reply with the link to your score so we can have an in-depth look at your score... thanks
  12. Please reply with a detailed breakdown of your score so we can have a more in-depth look at your machine.
  13. That looks like a Dell Inspiron laptop to me, I have the Inspiron 15-5555 with an AMD A4. I've brought it up to 8gb of RAM and put a 2560gb Samsung SSD in it. Now I have an A4, and you have an A12, but my CPU score is higher than yours. That's a problem. Make sure that power saving mode isn't on, and that you have a high performance power plan selected. Also check the AMD Catalyst control panel and anything else you can check to make sure the CPU is performing as good as it can.
  14. That's a really good score, but to the side here, it shows that out of the 11 systems submitted with the same components as you, you're only in the 64th percentile...
  15. All of those components seem to being functioning just as they should be. Do you have an Early 2015 MacBook Pro or a Mid 2015 MacBook Pro? Because if it's an early 2015, you're scoring about 20 points above average, but if it's mid 2015, you're scoring about 300 points under average. Check by clicking the Apple logo at the top left corner of the screen, and click "About this Mac".
  16. 191 Is very low for a GTX 970... I'm not an expert, but there's a couple of things you could try.. Make sure your computer doesn't have low power mode activated Make sure to go into the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app and check that everything is all the way up/satisfactory Make sure the card is getting adequate cooling and power In general, just make sure no software is interfering with the performance. If you really want to get scientific, try to install Windows 10 or 8.1 and see if you still have a low score. If you still have a low score, I have no idea what's going on. If you don't have a low score, it might be because Hackintosh isn't agreeing with the card or vice versa, and you could try another version of Hackintosh from a different developer, etc...
  17. Your CPU is up to par, but your GPU is running about 300 points under par. Make sure it's getting adequate cooling with no dust in the fans, and adequate power by checking the power settings and the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app for settings that may help bring the score up. Then make sure all power is connected to the GPU correctly and that the power supply is working fine.
  18. Your GPU is performing ac expected, but your CPU is a little low. Maybe you could check the power settings to make sure it's on performance mode, and maybe you could go into the BIOS and do a mild overclock. Make sure your power supply is working correctly.
  19. For Mid 2012 MBPs, the average score is 1132. Make sure the computer is getting adequate power and cooling, including making sure that power saving mode/low power mode isn't activated.
  20. Make sure that all parts are getting adequate airflow and power. Make sure there's no dust in the vents, make sure the power supply is hooked up and functioning correctly, and make sure you have no software that might be interfering with the power/performance capabilities of your components. Lastly, check any installed software for the components, such as GPU software, and make sure it's set to optimal settings and/or on performance mode. Just a few ideas...
  21. Don't worry, the program is testing your GTX 1070 or whatever card is connected, Novabench just has a glitch where it only reports the Intel HD Graphics. It'll be fixed in the next update, which is coming out soon.
  22. Don't immediately overclock your GPU without first making sure that all of your graphics settings are set to what you'd like them to be set to, or put on the "performance" mode. If you want to overclock your GPU, you should be able to press F2 or DEL when you see the BIOS splash screen right after you turn on your computer and it'll enter you into the system BIOS and give you options for overclocking.
  23. Make sure it's getting enough airflow, and make sure nothing's on low power mode. First of all, Macs run Mac OS X, not iOS. Secondly, in my experience, Macs just like to freeze up sometimes and thirdly, could you please post a link to your Novabench results so we could see a more in depth analysis of your score? Thank you.
  24. Could you please post the link to your score so we can see a more in-depth analysis of your results? Thanks
  25. You could try uninstalling the video driver entirely and reinstall it using the AMD-provided driver software for Windows 10 here: Make sure you don't have anything on low power mode or battery saver either.