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  1. Yep, had 650 watts.. I don't know what the problem was, i sent the 390x back, got a 700 watts psu and bought a gigabyte gtx 980. No Problems now.
  2. The thing is i looked with MSI Afterburner, and the GPU is only using 40% power.. I don't know why it doesn't use 100%, basically it should get around 3700 fps with 100%..
  3. Hey, I just got my new r9 390X. I installed the newest driver (15.15) and configured it. I made a test with novabench and im only getting around 1600 fps, my old GTX 960 had 2300. Anyone knows this? Is this just a Novabench Error? Cause some programms also show up that it has only 4gb vram, but it has 8. My PSU has 650 watts, so I don't think that's the problem. Thanks PS: Sorry for my english :D R9 390X.nbr GTX 960.nbr
  4. Yes, I think your GTX 770 is underperforming, cause my GTX 960, which is a bit lower than your 770, gets around 2200 fps. My CPU is Amd FX 8350, paired with my GTX 960. My Score is around 1700. Check for Driver updates, heat, background programs, virus, etc..
  5. Your PC is underperfoming really bad.. Maybe running something heavy in background? Did you look if your thermal paste on the cpu is still good? Is the PSU good enough? What was the last thing you did?
  6. Ange

    My results

    Im wondering why you're having so low fps, im getting exactly the same fps with my GTX 960. Make sure you don't use Fraps or something like this when you run the benchmark, this lowers your fps. Anyway, nice score!