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  1. Hi all, I started using an old dekstop pc again after 7 years due to the failure of my latest laptop (...and having some end-of-study financials). I have tuned it to the best of my capabilities but I was wondering what my next step should be. I am trying to get some half decent gaming out of it (i.e. running Oblivion smoothly). For all major changes to the system I need a new mobo (i.e new processor, ddr3 RAM) so if i am heading in that direction I might as well buy a completely new system and only use the casing. What would happen if i put some half decent cheap new videocard in here and 2GB extra RAM? How far would this system go? Thanks in advance! The dinosayour: 2-11-2014 14:56:42 Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Intel Core2 Duo E4600 2.40GHz @ 2640 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7050 / NVIDIA nForce 610i 2815 MB System RAM (Score: 81) - RAM Speed: 1938 MB/s CPU Tests (Score: 240) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 50974784 - Integer Operations/Second: 153730634 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 846410 Graphics Tests (Score: 13) - 3D Frames Per Second: 48 Hardware Tests (Score: 30) - Primary Partition Capacity: 466 GB - Drive Write Speed: 63 MB/s