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  1. If I may, I'll offer a suggestion. Unless you are connected to a network and it is essential, turn off all of yoyour net work services. I've done this with a few computers and each time, they've been more stable and much faster. You might also turn off most of the desktop eye candy, such as shadows, annimations and so on. I am new to this tool so haven't used it before. But my own results, XP Home Edition, Intel Core2 Q6600 2.40GHz @ 2400 MHz, NVIDIA GeForce 210, compared to others here, seem to be pretty good for 2006 machine. Blackviper is about the best source to start in checking which services can be turned off. But even he tends to leave networking services on, which are totally unnecessary for many users. I don't have a lot of experience with W7 I'm afraid. I can say, I worked through each service individually, read BV's opinions then checked on other sites, including M$, Elder Geek, Overclockers, Major Geeks and others. Needless to say, turning off the wrong service or simply turning off several without checking isn't advisable. Once I felt confident with what a service did, I could choose to turn it off or not. For example, turning off DHCP Client is flagged for turning off, in a number of sources, but will tend to make cable modems inaccessable. The effort is worth the results.