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  1. I can't figure this one out. I just built a new computer that I thought would be a hefty improvement over my older one. OLD COMPUTER: AMD Phenom x6 1100T 16GB RAM nVidia GTX 560Ti Gigabyte MB Win 7 x64 NEW COMPUTER: AMD FX9590 32GB RAM nVidia GTX660 Asus Crosshair V Formula-Z MB Win 8.1 x64 Now the sad results: OLD score: 1469 NEW score: 762!!! What the heck is that? And get this, the CPU rate a lowly 261 versus the ancient Phenom at 587. Even the Primary Partiton is rotten, and they are essentially the same drive -- OLD, Samsung 840 500GB SSD (score 43), NEW, Samsung evo 840 500GB SSD (score 25). I'm not even sure where to start looking. The one thing that did pop up was when I ran the tests, NovaBench said make sure nothing else is running. I know how to kill all processes for Win 7 (or programs at least), but not sure about Win 8.1. Any suggestions for looking in th eright place for what may be robbing me of performance like this is much appreciated. fotoman