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  1. Am I missing something or what? I ran the software because I suspect I have some kind of issue, got a result of 1220. So I go to compare results online, and it's filled in 1220 for me, and offers to search for scores close to mine. Cool, that's exactly what I want to do. I search and get results starting at 1999.....no where even close to 1220. I can only go next a couple of pages, and Im down to scores of 1997.....it will take all day to get to a page anywhere close to my score at this rate. WTF? Is the search actually this lame? Or am I doing something wrong? I can only go forward or backward a couple pages at a time, and that only changes scores a couple of points. I'm hundreds of points away from my score, do I serioiusly have to keep clicking for hours to finally get to the scores near mine? I tried going to the end since I could only go forward two pages at a time, and that took me to scores of 1000........so now I have to go back up two pages at a time to find scores in the 1200 range. Closer....but will still take forever. Come on man, it can't be this lame, some one please tell me I'm missing something obvious.