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  1. Good point about potencial paging issues, but if RAM amount score scales evenly, it's slightly unfair, given that systems with 8GB+ aren't really affected by paging issues, therefore it might perhaps make sense that after x amount of RAM, there is less of a score bonus. Can more accurate system timers, such as enabling HPET, affect Novabench's results in any meaningful way? Also, is Novabench's new version going to be released in an installer form or will binaries also be made available?
  2. I've noticed what I think is a bug. After running Novabench on an older laptop, I've saved the results to a file, then I've opened them on the laptop of the banner of my previous post, but it seems only results were correct. OS, CPU and GPU were all from the Core i7 system instead of the Core Duo system where Novabench ran. EDIT: I've also noticed that besides HDD size being more important than write speeds for scores, it seems RAM amounts also matter more than speeds. A clear example of this is as follows: - My score - System with more but slower memory As it can be seen, my RAM is over 3GB/s faster than the other system, yet that system has a higher RAM score due to having 16GB of RAM as opposed to mine that has 8GB. I honestly believe that speeds should be the only metric to count for scores, but if RAM/HDD size were to still be taken into account, at least it should weigh significantly less.
  3. Thanks for looking into the matter. Also, out of curiosity, but are you set in terms of users with different systems for testing betas?
  4. A majority of modern laptops are also affected by Novabench reporting the main video output as being the IGP, which is understandable since it's connected through LVDS and not checking for a second display adapter. From my understanding, seems both Nvidia Optimus and AMD Switchable Graphics suffer from this issue. I'm rather puzzled at how the database lists Geforce GT 555M numbers so low (average of 81), given that I've been getting an average of 240. EDIT: Does Hardware Tests score take into account Primary Partition Capacity that much? If it does, it shouldn't weigh nearly as much when compared to Drive Write Speed, in all honesty.