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  1. Also got the final piece of the artifact gear, but to progress past the 'end' I need to get the next version of it.

  2. I think Carbuncle's walk cycle animation in FFXIV must have been based on a corgi

  3. ... apparently I fell asleep and left the MMORPG running and it didn't log me out.

  4. No cache leverage = failsite.

  5. You know what I just realized... I haven't had to change any of my lightbulbs since I replaced them with LED bulbs... 3 years ago.

  6. I had a thing about scanning anything that is a photo of me.

  7. Well that was random, I checked my mii's on the 3DS and found a person with a comic

  8. Though not exactly, eventually shower, food and sleep too.

  9. This reminds me of one of the reasons I tend to stop playing a mmo. If i'm not playing it daily, the updates take longer than gameplay.

  10. *turns off Avast Cloud* I'm sorry but if it's going to waste my bandwidth like this then I'm just going to turn it off.

  11. ok so I went through all the stuff I could find and I'm still missing Alina's sketch from fanexpo vancouver 2012

  12. Well that red bump on my wrist has gone away I guess. Must have been the cat allergy... just... how?

  13. Yeah, if I made my own MMORPG it would be the most unfun game for cheaters ever.

  14. I did the same reflex I do when I see a dog coming toward me "hands over the face"

  15. Of course this has me actually checking said forums anyway.