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  1. GTX cards performs extremely high in NovaBench tests and gets much higher fps, even though Radeon cards performs as good. For instance, Radeon 7990 performs as good as GTX 670 or even better from the tests around the web, but gets scores much lower than GTX 560 or any another GTX cards. This isn't really looking great.
  2. Dave Russel and Snowfoxx has had multiple tests and is taking nearly every top score.......If there is anyway that can limit to just 1 result per person then it'd be nice. (in the top scores)
  3. Yes please. The same CPU (person) is getting many top scores in the list with 650Ti boost, which shows that cheating has taken place. And all the results have been posted on the same day
  4. This guy has the best score at Novabench: https://novabench.com/view/451246 This is my friends system specs: https://novabench.com/compare.php?id=24584062795dcef78948341b30180b4b451239 The former guy gets 3725 and my friend gets 2237. My friend has a better system in every way. I don't understand how snowfoxx (top scorer) got 3d fps as 6439 and my friend got only 2706. Are the tests rigged?
  5. i've a question: does this test take into account SLI of gpu's. my friends graphics score is higher than mine. two regular SC560's are not faster than one 560ti?
  6. https://novabench.com/compare.php?id=49150ac87faccc7da6b630dea6f0deac451123 Shows that I've LogMeIn Mirror Driver GPU......It's actualy GTX 260 What's wrong here?