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  1. @ CMH PREDATOR if this is laptop computer then you probably have integrated graphic card and zero chances to improove... in case this is Desktop PC with a free PCI e slot then you can make it much better. You could insert a mid priced used grafic card for approximatelly 70-100 $/€ and you could get adittional 200-300 points. And sure you will be able to play most 3D games without problems. RAM... 3GB is max for most 32bit operating systems... so why bother... In general it depends on your motherboard... if your MOBO supports FSB speed greater then 1066MHz then it is also worth to upgrade CPU and RAM.
  2. Newborn pet Motherboard and CPU was a donation, rest was gathered from Classifieds in about 3 weeks. Mobo is quite nice at least for me because I'm always behind hi tec stuff. DFI lanparty DK P45 t3rsb plus core 2 quad Q8400 2 X 1GB corsair dominator 7-7-7-20 @ 1333MHz sapphire radeon HD 4890 128GB SSD sata 2 Verbatim 1,5TB segate HDD philips DVD burner old antec case 550W LC V2 2X UF80 fans This system runs much cooler comparing to my old dual xeon (irwindale) PC. And it feels more responsive then PC i have at work ...HP elite i5... though not so silent... but still much more quiet then the old one. I was preety much on a tight budget when shopping for components. All together costed me 240€ beside MOBO and CPU. Probably I could get a PC with similar specs from clasifieds for same amount but it was fun bringing it to life. I'll be adding USB 3.0 card and SD/CF card reader A good 775 CPU cooler... ot at least new stock intel's C2D cooler comments very welcome... suggestions on improoving - yes please http://