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  1. Hi so I plan on buying a new gpu and ram. I currently have a decent pc: Intel i7 3.2 ghz 960 Bloomfield Ati radeon 6950 2gb Only 6gb ram Asus p6t motherboard Corsair h50 CPU cooler. I plan on buying a new gpu a radeon 7950 And 16gb of ram My current benchmark score is 1420 , is I upgrade what score can I expect, and can you suggest a better gpu for around 300$? Any input would be greatly apriciated. Thank you
  2. I cant find an option as to were i can post my score, please any help would be great.
  3. Im so sry but how do i post my score, im new to this and i cant find a way to post my score, any help please guide me thru how to do it, i got my score already just dont know how to post it on the board