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  1. Been Tweaking and using Nova Bench to test my tweaks on my A10-5800K rig. Had been finding that Win7 was consistently out performing Win8, but that has changed. Win8 now holds the top honours for my Nova Benchmark. Found I needed to disabled AMDs Overdrive functions in AMDs Vision Control Centre (aka Catalyst) and use MSi's Afterburner utility to tweak my ASUS graphic cards. ASUS's own Tweak Utility did not work on my ASUS cards because it set the minimum Memory Clock from these cards to 2000, which is twice the recommended max. In MSi's Afterburner I set that to 1300 in my latest test. I find it I push it a little too far, the Nova Bench score drops down to the 600-700 range. Tweak it just right and I was able to break 1300. For this latest test I set Core Clock to 977 (default is 810) and Memory Clock to 1300 (max allowed). Will continue to tweak and see if I can find where the drop off point it. I also disabled a few of the processes running in the background, things like Adobe updater and Epson's printer utilities and a few other apps that I could readily identify as unnecessary. Probably many of those I left running could have been disabled but I didnt bother figuring out which I could turn off without compromising the system.
  2. I notice a variation between OS's too. My Kingston HyperX Red RAM tests better in Win7 than Win8. My difference is nothing like what you are getting though. My Win7 scores are about 7000 +/- 300 while my Win8 scores are 6300 +/- 200. Does this mean that Win7 gets about 10% better performance out of the same RAM? I have a dual-boot system so all the hardware is the same in these test. That variation BTW is nothing compared to the over all scores.
  3. Well I have a whole range of scores from a low of . to a high of And everything in between. I have a dual boot system and my Win7 side almost always out-performs my Win8 side using the same hardware. Win 7 range: 816-1080 Win8 range: 646 - 833 I have two HD6670 GPU cards and a A10-5800K APU. Sometimes I run the two cards Xfired, other times the APU & one of the HD6670 Xfired in what AMD calls "dual graphics mode". I have also tried tests with the Xfire / Dual graphic capacity switched off so I'm just using one HD6670 GPU. (I could disabled both GPU's and just run the test on the APU alone but I have not done this). Sometimes I made note in the Comments about my Xfire set up, sometimes not. It would be nice if the quick graphic of the score showed if the GPU's were Crossfired or not. It does show "dual graphics mode" You can just make out the word "Dual"... on the GPU line on this sample. When it is two HD6670s Crossfired this is not noted unless I put it into Comments manually. I also just noticed something - this "dual graphics" notation only works in Win8. I ran a Win7 test today and I know dual graphics were enabled, but this does not show up on today score. Interesting difference. Looking back I notice that in one comment I wrote that I increased my score from 740 to 953 by disabling the Xfire function. Having said that my top scores are with the two GPU's Crossfired and in Win7. These score do seem to be all over the map, even in the same OS where there is a 32% (win7) to 29% (win8) difference from the lowest to the highest score. To be fair I also have an unlocked APU and do tweak my system, changing the OC settings. Most of the tests are at 4200-4600 Mhz. One test reports 5441 Mhz. That is wrong, I've never clocked my system beyond 4.8 Ghz and then it crashed. 4.6 Ghz is the fasted it goes with reasonable stability, most of the time I have it at 4.4 Ghz which is my 'sweet spot" were I do not have any sudden system shut downs. There is no way it ran Novabench at 5.4 GHz. . I've signed up for the Beta Testing and I'll have to see if there any any improvement in the consistency.
  4. Should have mentioned that my rig is set up as a dual boot system, either Windows 7 Home Premium or Windows 8 Pro. I built the system with 32 GB of RAM, and then learned that my old OS (Win7 Home Premium) has a 16 GB ceiling, option was either pay the upgrade cost to Windows 7 Pro, or Windows 8 Pro ~ Win8 was much cheaper, and new and interesting. Alas it also does not support most of my games so I ended up learning how to set the rig up with an OS choice. I ran my best NovaBench at 1080 this afternoon in Win7. have run several tests all over 1,000. , Reboot, same BIOS settings, same settings in ASUS Ai Suite, same AMD Catalyst's Vision Control Centre settings (CPU Max, Graphics Overdrive - max, set to Xfire the two HD6670's I have under the hood. and what do I get 646! What's up with that? Win7 running at about 80% faster than the same specs in Win8? But I do not see much difference between the two OS's Mind you I don't have games loaded in WIn8 so I'm only comparing general use, like MS Office, Adobe PS Elements, and Google Chrome for surfing.
  5. I have a DIY PC I put together in October based on the AMD A10-5800K on an ASUS FM2 A85-M Pro Board. I've found NovaBench a very friendly, easy program, and at the right price. It is helping me fine tune my PC and I've noticed a few things about my scores, but one thing I cannot understand. The same hardware, set up to the same (or as similar as possible) settings in Windows 7 are scoring much better than the same system on Windows 8. I do see a range of score but the difference is significant, Win8 scores are in the 700-800 range, while the Win7 scores are generally over 900, and all my scores over 1000 are Win7. You can see my scores, just look for scores by Fortkentdad. Just wondering if anyone else sees this difference?
  6. This is my latest score. I found it interesting that I was getting different scores each time I ran the test even though nothing had changed. I guess you go with the average?