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  1. Quick fixes; not sustainable - "without a strong base";short term success is dubious

  2. Literally less than half year after I was all " "Hail to the #Samsung #Galaxy Tab"; the notification service is being licked by Skype. :(

  3. Oyour education with all its logic often leaves us like beached whales surrounded by the lightest of tides lapping (cont)

  4. Bank #Interest charges are often with "no rhythm or reason" - #uncertainity

  5. "Timely tracking and response" Technologies in Rwanda addresses "issues that have failed in other countries"

  6. Forum attempts to address - “Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa in an Age of Global #Uncertainty v

  7. How we educate under review as virtues of Homeschooling considered

  8. One way to show seriousness - "Curb or eliminate wasteful unsustainable consumption." Everyone can chip in the effort.

  9. Enjoyed dinner - lovely (@ Sol e Luna)

  10. Its a Eureka moment .. Finally understood the importance of web services to operations

  11. <a href=""><img src="" alt="NovaBench Score" border="0" /></a> What is a good score ? What is average score ? What is a bad score ? How do you improve the performance of a slow Windows machine ?? How do you go about improve the Benchmark score ?? Keli
  12. So now what ? computer's benchmark results: