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  1. I recently replaced two 2gb Kingston 1333 ram sticks with two 8 gb DDR3 1600 Crucial (Ballistix PC3-12800) sticks. I went into the BIOS and increased the memory to 800 Mhz (1600) and reran the Novabench. With the 4gb the score was 112 and 3560 mb/s. With the 16 gb the score was 194, but the speed was only 3425 mb/s, and that is after changing the bios. Why the lower speed?
  2. 3071 MB System RAM (Score: 88) - RAM Speed: 2287 MB/s Either your not using Pairs of memory sticks, or the memory sticks are not identical. DDR is "Double Data Rate". To achieve max speed you need need pairs, and all of the ram needs to be compatible. Ideally, identical as to mfg, speed, and characteristics. That said, I've added unmatched ram to a system, had the scores go down, but the user experience improve because of less HDD delays.