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  1. OK I think I have found the issue. I had the same loss as you, look in my profile to see results. I then had the idea of what could be using the processing power of both? ATI Catalyst Control Center. I went and disable it from start up and my score almost tripled. Try disabling CCC from start-up and then report back please.
  2. well it's a bit higher in individual testing, 76 mbs where as the all test option only records 55mbs
  3. Ok so I learned that my bios has pciide still set up so I went in and edited my registry and then went into my bios and enabled AHCI. The change more than doubled my AS SSD benchmark score, SO I ran Novabench to see if the change would increase my score and to my surprise the HDD score stayed the same, but the overall score went down a few points! Still cannot compare results! Attached is the results from that test. 9-14-2012 Test.nbr
  4. Hello all, new to benchmarking and NovaBench, looking forward to corresponding w/ you all. Now that being said, I am having issues w/ low scores and a problem w/ a super low SSD/hardware score. Here is a CPUID link for my system: I tried to upload my results to compare and I get the error the other two fellows posted about. I attached the .nbr file Also my OCZ Vertex 4 SSD has a score of 16 similar to a guy in another post. My CPU is overclocked to 2.5 from 2.2 stock. I can still overclock higher as my CPU temp stay very low (highest when gaming to 38C max) to improve scores. Is it my motherboards fault??? Thanks for helping! 9-13-2012Test.nbr