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  1. I tried looking up the bsod report, but the report is not saved, I guess because the bsod occurs before windows is up and running, it occurs during the initialization of windows at the beginning of the W7 animation...
  2. A friend of mine had another suggestion, take out one of the memory banks, start the laptop up, see what i t does, and then switch the memory banks.. So I tried that, but with just one of the memory banks installed in either slot Windows won't start up, and give me a blue screen at the logo animation... Strange..
  3. And here is the picture.. This time around there's no drop visible, the top dotted line is the 50 Celsius line..
  4. Thanks for the help so far, Nathan! I've tried running Novabench again with Speedfan in the background, there is an increase in heat as you would expect when running a benchmark program. All values go up to about 50 Celsius (122 Fahrenheit), nothing really shocking, then, when Novabench gets to the RAM Transfer speed test, there's a drop in temperature, then it shoots back up to about 50 Celsius and the screen goes black. I'll try to make a picture of it with my phone and upload it, so you can see, but it doesn't seem like the system is overheating..
  5. Thanks for the suggestion Nathan! I tried it and it seems there's nothing wrong with my RAM: Pass complete, no errors. Which is kind of strange, though, since Novabench failed at the RAM test.. I think my best bet at this moment is to take the laptop apart again, en check the heatsinks again and check the state of the coolpaste.. Could it be my mb has a fault in the RAM area?
  6. Sorry about the multiple posts, my browser gave me a 500-error, so I tried again, and again... :unsure:
  7. Hey guys, I've had some trouble with my HP laptop lately, it shuts down randomly (or so I thought), when it gets stressed even a little bit. I've tried a clean install of windows to rule out a software problem, but the problem persisted. After that I cleaned the laptop to make sure it doesn't overheat, unfortunately, still the same problem. By now I figured out it has to be a hardware problem, so I thought, let's download a benchmark tool, maybe that'll give me some answers. And sure enough, when running Novabench the laptop calls t quits during the RAM Transfer Speed test. Does anybody have any idea what this could mean? Oh yeah, the laptop doesn't really shut down, but the screen goes black, there's still some sort of light visible, so it's not a backlight problem, sounds that are playing in the background, either music or video, keep playing for some time, but laptop goes completely inresponsive. Some system info: HP dv7-1070ed (completely stock hardware) Intel core 2 Duo P8400 @ 2.26Ghz Nvidia 9600M GT 4GB SO-DIMM DDR2 (for some reason W7 uses just 3GB of the 4 installed) Windows 7 Ultimate Any help would be very appreciated! :)