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  1. The only game installed on my system right now is Tropico 4. I tried Mafia 2 but I found it to be incredibly boring. (Seriously....if I wanted to play a game where I did nothing but drive I'd build a time machine, go back in time about thirty years, go to an arcade and play Pole Position over and over.)

  2. This is my basic score:


    Last night, and for no reason in particular, I overclocked my Athlon II X4 3.0GHz to 3.375GHz and got this result:


    I tried boosting it up to 3.75GHz but discovered that my computer's 'thermal solution' couldn't handle the temperature increase and quickly shut itself down to avoid bursting into flames.

  3. I was looking for benchmark software the other day and stumbled upon NovaBench. I was just about to start upgrading my system and wanted some kind of idea as to the relative improvements I was getting. I've always found the 'Windows Experience Index' to be a bit baffling. Its results are meaningless to me.

    Upgrade #1 was a mid-range SSD as my boot drive. I picked an ADATA S510 60GB because, well, it was on sale at half price. (Getting back to the WEI for a sec, that change bumped up my hard drive score from a 5.9 to 7.1....whatever that means.)

    Computers have been a hobby of mine for quite some time. I've been building systems for nearly thirty years and, a few years ago, I decided it might be 'fun' to take the prep courses for various CompTIA, Microsoft and Cisco exams. I don't know whether or not it was fun, but it sure was interesting. For me, the greatest lesson to come out of my cert prep was the revelation that when something goes wrong with your Windows PC, there are three resolutions:

    • The right answer.
    • The wrong answer.
    • The Microsoft answer.

    I've yet to make a dime from getting all those pieces of paper. I prefer to help out friends, family and neighbors with their computer problems. I'm forever amazed at how many people point and click with no idea what they're doing or how it's being done. I'm equally surprised at the panic so many people have when their PC acts up. (Seriously....the first time my sister got the BSOD she called me in tears.)

    My current system:
    • Mobo: MSI 970A-G46
    • CPU: AMD Athlon II X4 3.0GHz
    • RAM: 8GB Mushkin Silverline DDR3 1333MHz
    • HD: ADATA S510 60GB SSD
    • GPU: ASUS Radeon 6770

    The motherboard and system drive are new. The rest are from a build I did about a year ago. I changed the motherboard to AM3+ so that I can switch to one of the new Bulldozer CPUs in the near future. Not sure what my next upgrade will be, but I'm leaning toward a new CPU.

    OK, I've rambled enough.