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  1. A SSD will not "possibly" make your score better, it`s a certainty. Even if your machine does`nt have SATA 3 support you`ll still notice a major difference from the 83 MBps write speed you have now. With SATA 3 speed (6Gbps) Intel claims their 520 Series SSD`s can reach 550 MBps (read) / 500 MBps (write). Be prepared to pay about $2 a GB if you want one, I`ve been looking at the Samsung 830 Series it seems to have more bang for the buck. Does anyone reading this have any suggestions regarding which SSD`s have the best performance to cost ratio? Tolerance is a very dull and boring virtue, but it is essential to the completeness of character, which allows us to endure all the unpleasantness that exists in our diverse culture. - Rod Walsh