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  1. was messing with trying to overclock my a8 3870k all day yesterday after getting my stock benchmark,,, no luck,, never overclocked and just not finding any reading worth reading.. grrrrr
  2. hey all, new here, just built my new desktop about a month ago and have been looking for a benchmark program to get an idea of performance in numbers, its a lower budget build but does more then enough for this guy. no gpu yet. no real extras at all just main components and added a aftermarket cooler for a lil overclocking later on, for now its all stock no tinkering yet also got a new laptop also a budget buy lenovo with another a8 chip gonna add 4 gigs of ram to the laptop "nice empty slot ready to go" but thats about it for that, the desktop ill be adding a gpu or two later on , for now just gotta figure out if everythings running right like ram for example, not sure if its settings are optimal n such... dont plan on a 2000point system, as both run now im good to go for what i do but a lil better would be nice.. :)