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  1. Thx for the reply and info Nathan! 1 - thought so - i'm not worried then as my cpu temps look good 2 - then not worried when i ran my first first tests(gpu: hd intel gfx) i scored 13XX which seemed low to me, so i switched of AA and AF in my nvidia cp(then scored: 1546), clearly using my gtx then.:still my tests after that said gpu: intel HD gfx so I changed the setting in bios to use my pci X16 slot(or whatever it is called, can't remember). test after scored 1551 but gpu was gtx 560. weird...? otherwise pc is running stable, was just worried about my performance since i scored quite lower than rigs with same specs as mine. spot
  2. Hi guys, questions: 1. what's up with my cpu running at 3.6GHz instead of stock standard of 3.3GHz? i did not change anything relating to my cpu 2. running novabench graphic test there is a high pitch noise: psu or gcard i don't know. sounds if it is coming from my psu(coolermaster gx 550watt) 3. are both scores on par with similar rigs? i did compare mine with other scores, with same setup as mine, however my score was 200 points at least lower than them(something to worry about?) spot
  3. My new rig: Upgraded from intel core 2 duo E6400 Geforce 8800GTS 6GB DDR2 Was time for an upgrade! :smile:
  4. Not used to post on forums, well here goes... :P