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  1. I'm just saying you should be posting on your homepage that these test results and benchmarks are totally in accurate when comparing NVIDIA rigs running SLI config to ATI rigs running CrossfireX. You should also inform ATI users that this benchmark software cannot render CrossfireX systems and even on a dual GPU card it still can't render anything past 1 GPU on ATI rigs. Just makes it an unfair advantage to ATI users since you have SLI working just fine.
  2. Ok not sure if anyone else has told you this, but your benchmarking software is not working correctly with ATI CrossfireX configurations. I downloaded your latest build and ran the test and I use on-screen monitoring to see the GPU's usage and NovaBench is only using one GPU core out of 4 that I have. The other 3 GPU's set idle a 0% usage. I noticed you have this working fine for NVIDIA cards so what gives? Is NVIDIA funding your project? I have two HD5970's in crossfireX and only 1 GPU is used out of 4 when using your benchmarking software. My cards run perfectly fine and score good in other benchmarking software, yet this tool you have doesn't measure CrossfireX correctly at all. Try it for yourself!