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  1. I am a new user and I have a question about my cpu scores. I first used this program on 12/21 and my CPU score was low, at 173. I have an Intel Core i3 M 380 2.53GHz @ 2533 MHz processor. So I ran the test again the next morning and recieved significantly higher results, cpu was 334. It was so different that I ran it again and my cpu score was 327. Seven hours later I checked and the cpu score was down to 182, then 181. What am I doing wrong? Why am I seeing so much flucuation? I do not overclock or mess with the Bios. The reason I downloaded this program is that my 9 month old laptop suddenly died on me. Samsung said they had to replace the processor, motherboard, and ram. I had done nothing to the laptop, it was working fine, unplugged on the desk, and a few hours later when I came back to it it was dead. Powered on and fan running but nothing else happening. So I wanted to investigate the new cpu and here I am. Thanks in advance, any help would be greatly appreciated.