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  1. This is without overclock so it's down slightly but you can see it says Intel HD graphics. I'm not missing anything, right? The program is supposed to use my gpu? Also: I'm currently running the RAM in single-channel; can't POST with dual for some reason. Any idea how much difference that'd make to the score? This is DDR3 @ 2133mhz. Thanks.
  2. Every time I run a bench the graphics are listed as my on-board Intel HD graphics. I have a GTX 590, with the latest drivers and working normally. Why doesn't Novabench use the card? I believe this is keeping my score relatively low. I'm getting 1801 for the following system: i7 2600k @ 3.8 8GBs DDR3 @ 2133 GTX 590 Corsair Force GT 180gb SSD SATAIII 6gb/s Thanks.
  3. Hi my name is Igor, and I don't tweet enough. I also am in love with Tim Tebow.