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  1. Yes it is, as Nathan said, It is using your discrete graphics card. Tho after i had to re-install win7 Ult. again it's saying Intel HD Gfx, instead of saying my discrete graphics card (6770M). My thought is that NovaBench is seeing the GPU 0 (intel HD) as primary adapter and GPU 1 (6770M) as secondary. But hey, maybe i could be completely wrong since I didn't write the program. Hopefully there will be a update soon, as I love using this program to get quick results for upgrading PC's/Laptops for my customers for performance needs so they can see I'm not trying to give them something they don't need, it's lightweight and does everything I need it to. Cheers, Blu
  2. sugercraft, I was also having that problem with my laptop as i have integrated gfx (Intel HD) and discrete gfx (ATI 6770M) to switch between, if you click my Benchmark score, you can see that some of my scores say "Intel HD" when in fact i was using my "6770M" as my current gfx adapter. As long as you have it set to use your Nvidia card, NovaBench will, despite how it is currently registering, be used to bench and score correctly. I had to update my Drivers for NovaBench to recognize what gfx card i was currently using at the time, and then the update came out and mine started to show correctly. Regards, -Blu
  3. When I was having my uploading issue I tried to take my laptop's ".nbr" file, saved it to my flash drive, and tried to upload it using my desktop and it gave me this same exact error, did you happen to try this too?
  4. I got it to upload my results! Try this, Open MSCONFIG, start-> search programs and files-> type "msconfig" In MSCONFIG go to tools-> Internet Options-> Launch In Internet options click the "Connections" tab. At the bottom click "LAN Settings", if anything is checked, un-check them. I had "Use proxy server for LAN" Checked. Un-checked it, opened NovaBench and Bam! Results opened in firefox and I was able to upload them! So just to make sure that was the problem, i re-checked "Use proxy server for LAN", re-opened NovaBench and tried to submit a different score and same error. Went back, Un-Checked it again, and it worked flawlessly. Hope this fixes your problem, please let me know if it helps you. Best Regards, -Blu
  5. Well at least i'm not alone now, Curious EspGtx, What version windows are you running?
  6. Heres my HP DV7TQE Score Unfortunately since the last update, I can't upload my results yet, but fingers crossed, Nathans been helping me in ever way possible to rectify my upload problem, but heres my systems stats. I don't think it's bad for a laptop. :smile:
  7. Nathan, I uninstalled NovaBench, I already had .NET up to date, but just in case I re-downloaded it, and repaired it, then re-installed Novabench and unfortunately still not luck. :unsure: Thank you for your all your effort and support, hopefully the modified version works. :smile:
  8. Is this happening to anyone else? I don't know if its a service not running, or just something stupid, but the previous version uploaded my scores perfectly fine! I just can't wrap my brain around what I can do. Anyone with any idea's, I'm to the point where i will try ANYTHING. Thanks in advance, Blu
  9. Sorry about that, i didn't upload it correctly, but Yes I am able to Nathan, both in IE and Firefox. I also updated my desktop to the new version of NovaBench and results uploaded fine, unfortunately my laptop is still giving me that error. Firefox is my default browser tho, i'm not sure if that matters or not, but i thought id mention it just in case. Anything else you could need please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks Nathan, Blu
  10. Thanks for the quick reply Nathan, appreciate it, but unfortunately I tried that too, still the same error message when running NovaBench 3.0.4 with the re-ran tests, tried to upload a score, and i receive the same message. I also un-installed and re-installed it NovaBench Im using a HP DV7TQE Laptop i7-2820 8GB RAM AMD 6770M GFX Windows Ult. Ed. x64 I checked windows firewall and it wasn't listed nor do i even have it turned on. I don't know if my specs are going to help but just in case i thought I'd stick them in here. EDIT: I looked at the change log for 3.0.4 and noticed that it said "Score submissions are now done over SSL ", Could that be my problem? Just a thought because I really am itching to upload my new score! Thx, Blu
  11. Hello, first time NovaBench Forum Poster here, and this is bascially the jist of my problem if someone can help out. =] I was performing a NovaBench with version 3.0.3 because of a recent driver update, none the less, after receiving a better score then my previous one, I attempted to upload it to NovaBench's Website, it informed me I needed to update to NovaBench 3.0.4 first before being able to upload my score, and I did. So I saved my score as a NovaBench file so I could open it in the updated version and upload it to my profile and everyones happy....Except when I opened my file in the newer version and clicked "Share These Results Online", I got this error. I just don't know if the NovaBench Server is down, or if it's the updated version, but if anyone could shed some light on this situation, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thx & Best Regards, Blu