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  1. Hey Nathan, It looks like the issue is a compatibility thing with Lion. I ran the tests before Lion and no issues, then installed Lion and saw 0 Score, then updates the software to refresh Lion with an update then it worked, then rebooted and 0 score again. Definitely a compatibility issue with Lion. Hopefully it can be fixed so I can run tests. :) I also did the single hard drive test, everything else works but that one. but like I mentioned prior, it did work before Lion. Thanks, Eben PS: Following you on Twitter.
  2. Hi, Looking for some help here. I spent a good buck on my OCZ Vertex 3 SSD hard drive for my MacBook Pro 8,2 (2011) only to find out that it's scoring a Zero on the NovaBench. Prior to this I was getting a score on my Mac Toshiba stock SSD. Any suggestions or comments are more than welcome! Essentially I'd like to see where I stand in comparison to others with my hard drive. I will respond to any other questions that might help you to figure this one out. Thanks, Eben