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    GPU Score

    Hi, for my Radeon HD5750 there was a nova bench grafic-score of 300- (Windows 8, Direct x 11 , Samsung SSD). Now i used this Grafik Card for another PC with similar Hardware. Only a HDD not a SSD and with Windos XP and directx 9.3. In Novabench the same grafikcard has only a Novabench grafik-score of 30 ! What could be happend, that the grafic-card losses 90 % of grafic score?
  2. arno-k

    GPU Score

    Hi, the graphic score of my Radeon HD 5750 changed from 364 to 291. Is it possible ? Now i use Windows 8, bevore I used Windows 7, now i used catelyst 13.10, before the 12.10 version. What do you mean ? regards from Arno
  3. I`m using NovaBench some weeks für my PC hardware. The CPU score results ( AMD X6 1055t ) were everytime 540 +- 5 Scores. Since today only 495 Score, the MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: only 681395, before 884678. I think a big different. The only new: I installed the SP1 of Windows 7 64 bit today. Could that be the reason ? Thanks for every answer and greetings from germany. Arno :rolleyes: