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  1. Hi, I'm IndianScout from I was just wondering what your methodology was, when comparing different factors and tests, my results come out way differently than what NovaBench results have shown.. when doing different memory testing whether it be read, write, copy, bandwidth, my results are widely different than yours even on the video testing, recorded 3 different times using different capture methods, the FPS shown at the end of your test and what is actually shown on the screen are vastly different.. example.. I've ran this rest several times and the FPS shown by different programs vary between 2100 - 2600 yet your test only computes 1065 on average.. the rest of the tests come out pretty close, the cpu and hdd are very close to my other testing... could you give me any insight into your methods of testing, coming from Futuremark I know a little about benchmark testing.. oh and your internet speed test wow.. this is not a dig at all into your program, I really like it, just some questions that I have.. thanks IndianScout