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  1. The 8400GS is slower than the 7900GS. It's just that simple.
  2. You missed something. Whenever I run a HDD benchmark I always kill everything within reason (e.g. explorer.exe), and disable my antivirus software for 10 minutes or so. Afterwards I just reboot to start it all back up. If you still can't get a good score try running perfmon.exe as admin (WinKey > type in perfmon > right click Run as administrator). From the Disk acordian you can see the what programs are currently reading and writing to your drive and causing the problem.
  3. I just got an ATI HD 6770 with 1GB DDR5, which is a significant upgrade from my old NVidia GT 240 with 512MB DDR5. The benchmarks of it though only shows a marginal difference, however in game I see a huge difference in frame rates and overall smoothness. Even after cranking everything to the max the difference is still very noticeable. Naturally that leaves me wondering why I don't see a difference in the benchmarks? Also, it improperly identifies the card as an ATI HD 3200. I'm pretty sure I can't run Battlefield BC2 with everything maxed on an HD 3200. I do know what's going on with the card detection. it's detecting my integrated graphics adapter and throwing up it's name instead of the real adapter. It's a minor bug that I can ignore, but that still leaves the issue of no significant speed differences. The score is definitely not that of an HD 3200, nor is it really in line with the performance increase that I'm seeing elsewhere. :-/
  4. Thank you for the reassurance. :-)
  5. I have a triple core processor and while doing the benchmarks I noticed that NovaBench never pushes any of the cores beyond about 95% during the CPU tests and even then there is quite a bit of fluctuation. I assume that happens as NovaBench switches gears, and thus it's likely normal. The thing that seems abnormal (to me) is that the third core always remains in the area of about 45%. Shouldn't it be pushing the third core just as hard as the rest, or is that perfectly normal?