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  1. I have a dual-boot hackintosh running OSX 10.6.6 and Windows 7 Pro. Each OS is on its own physical disk. Core i5 750 @ 2.8GHz 12GB DDR3 @1402MHz Nvidia GTX 460 768MB (stock clocking) 640GB WD Black HDDs Here are my scores: OSX: 1395 Win: 1130 What gives? Novabench lumps all the scores together regardless of platform, so I think there is some unfairness going on. My Windows benchmark numbers were actually higher than the OSX scores as well. For example, in the memory test, Nova in OSX showed about 4100 mb /sec while windows Nova had me at 8000 mb /sec and the Windows score was lower! HDD test in Windows was 155MB/sec Vs. 97MB/sec in OSX too. In the GFX test, Windows had a complex island scene with lens flares, while OSX Nova had a spinning multicolor cube. These tests obviously don't compare apples to apples, so shouldn't the results be separated appropriately for the two platforms?