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  1. I tested an old Dell 3000 Dimension When make a full test I got a bluescreen, so I tested it whitout GPU test. Then it runned ok. But I can not upload the score ?! I get an error about faulty score....
  2. Why doesnt NovaBench measure Drive Read speed ??? The total score gets a little confusing, like for example: I made a test on my laptop and got 860 points with orginal configuration. Then I changed my drive to a SSD 128 GB and got a total score of 847 .....?!?!? The Write speed was 112 Mb/s with the SSD (128GB) and 87 Mb/s with the original SATA 7200 rpm drive (500GB). Did the total score got less because of the size of the drive ?? If NovaBench also measured the Read speed, it would get a result thats more easy to compare I think..