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  1. Online submissions are now only supported from Novabench 4 (you're running Novabench 3 in the screenshots)
  2. You can rename any test in the app on the free version. I think the edit button is scrolled over out of view. Try the horizontal scroll bar on the bottom of the test list.
  3. The license at the time was a freeware license, with no restrictions on commercial use. If you installed Novabench 3 at the time it was available you're still under those terms. If you need new installations of Novabench 3, we now only distribute it under our new terms to license holders.
  4. Do you mean the Radeon 480/560, or Geforce? Despite the lower marketing name, the Radeon 480 does perform better than the 560.
  5. Seems like an incorrect reading. What CPU do you have? (different CPUs have different sensors and different techniques to read the temperature)
  6. Check if you can scroll over the test result list horizontally. The pencil might be cut off on the right.
  7. Could you export the test result (File -> export), and post the .nbr file here? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your patience in getting back to you - for priority support please email [email protected], and I will help get this sorted out.
  9. The crossfire instructions should come up before the tests run. Can you post a .nbr test result export, or link to submitted results to help me investigate?
  10. Here is some more information on the tests: If you have any more specific questions I can answer them.
  11. Could you attach the exported test result (.nbr) file. I'll take a look.
  12. At this time, the CLI - including linux, doesn't support online score submission
  13. The CPU tuning guide may help as a starter:
  14. Portable is designed to run from a shared folder as well - it could be a license issue when you downloaded your licensed copy. Email me at [email protected] and I'll get this resolved for you.
  15. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.6 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  16. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.6 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  17. Around 40-60 score
  18. Ah, good to know. I'll see about tweaking that in the next release.
  19. If you hover over the test result you should see a ✏️ pencil icon to set a custom name. Is this not appearing for you?
  20. I haven't been able to reproduce this error on my Windows 7 test machine. Your workaround here will certainly work, but is a security risk. The Novabench driver is signed so it shouldn't be necessary. I'll keep investigating. If you're having this problem, please leave a post so I can get an idea of how common it is.
  21. The linux test is command-line only, and displays scores in the following format: [... novabench-linux-4.0.0beta2]$ ./novabench -p /home/ec2-user Could not run GPU OpenCL compute test. Ensure computer has compatible GPU and drivers. CPU Score: 37 CPU General: 620170 CPU Targeted: 13215590 RAM Score: 131 RAM Size (MB): 990 RAM Speed (MB/s): 17463 GPU Compute (GFLOPS): 0 Disk Score: 32 Disk Write (MB/s): 69 Disk Read (MB/s): 177
  22. Hi Maccy, all available cores should be tested, including multi-socket. Could you submit and post a link to a Novabench result to help me investigate? Thanks
  23. Can you post a screenshot of the error message? Does it happen immediately when you start Novabench?
  24. Thanks for letting me know, I haven't heard of this before. Is this a standard user account, or are you running this PC under a group policy (e.g. at work)? Have you seen any other installers unable to create a start menu icon?