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  1. Today I launched big under-the-hood changes to The new site gives you a few new tools right away to make sense of your benchmark results, and the ability for me to add lots of great new features in the future. Unified Accounts: Your forum and accounts are now the same account Benchmark Results - New Tools: Percentile comparisons To the left of your benchmark results you'll see how your scores stack up to others we have in our database. Higher percentile is better - it means that you scored higher than that percentage of results in our database. Percentiles are given for the overall system (CPU, GPU, RAM), and CPU and GPU individually. Part Info Page Now you can click on the name of a CPU or GPU to see more info. Currently we show a histogram of the submitted scores for this part, an image of the part, and a tool to quickly compare parts as you browse the site. Better Search Improved the search, sorting and filtering tools on the results and top parts pages Please let me know if you see any issues!
  2. Feel free to show off your benchmark score(s) here. If you need help with something it's probably better to make a new topic. My laptop (Late 2013 Macbook Pro): My current desktop (2015): My old desktop (2011): My older desktop (2008): My very old laptop (2004):
  3. Thanks for letting me know, I haven't heard of this before. Is this a standard user account, or are you running this PC under a group policy (e.g. at work)? Have you seen any other installers unable to create a start menu icon?
  4. Nathan

    Will this run on RHEL7?

    Yes, it runs on RHEL 7. Here's the output from a test I just ran: [... novabench-linux-4.0.0beta2]$ ./novabench -p /home/ec2-user Could not run GPU OpenCL compute test. Ensure computer has compatible GPU and drivers. CPU Score: 37 CPU General: 620170 CPU Targeted: 13215590 RAM Score: 131 RAM Size (MB): 990 RAM Speed (MB/s): 17463 GPU Compute (GFLOPS): 0 Disk Score: 32 Disk Write (MB/s): 69 Disk Read (MB/s): 177 [... novabench-linux-4.0.0beta2]$ cat /etc/redhat-release Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.5 (Maipo)
  5. If it's for personal use than it's no problem!
  6. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.4 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  7. This was resolved by email support. Marking as solved.
  8. It looks like this result submits fine now - it possibly got fixed during a related website update. Marking as solved, but let me know if you have any further problems.
  9. Could you run the disk test on its own and let me know the results? Tests -> Individual Tests -> Disk Test. Choose a location on your main drive. Thanks
  10. Nathan

    Memory 0

    To help me diagnose this problem, could you: - Open "System Information" under the Help menu in Novabench - Take a screenshot of the "System Summary" page Thanks
  11. Looks like you're running an old version of Novabench. Please update to v4 here:
  12. Nathan


    Here is our getting started guide:
  13. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.4 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  14. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.4 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  15. Could you check Novabench 4.0.4 released yesterday?
  16. Hi Stephen, Can you post some examples of the scores you're seeing? Some small variance (a few percent up or down between runs) is normal due to randomness in activity and OS scheduling. It shouldn't only increase, however.
  17. SLI performance is complicated. As you mention, doubling performance is basically never going to happen. Speed-up can vary a lot between card models and configurations. Can you enable "SLI visual indicators" - as shown below - as a quick check that it's working at all? Just let me know how much of the green SLI bar fills during the test.
  18. Jim, I see a few people posting about this issue with installers for other software as well. I think it may be related to permissions on your PC and not something we can fix yet on our end. Here is a workaround for now: Open Start Menu Type "cmd" to search for command prompt Right click Command Prompt, and "Run as Administrator" Type: cd Downloads (or wherever you downloaded novabench.msi) Type: msiexec /i novabench.msi WIXUI_DONTVALIDATEPATH="1" That should let the installation work. If anyone else is seeing this problem, please let me know.
  19. Nathan

    Newly built PC help

    Both your CPU and GPU are significantly underperforming. There might be a configuration problem. Take a look at our guides here for some tips on what to do next:
  20. Thanks for reporting this. I've merged your post with an existing post of likely the same problem. This is a high priority for me to fix!
  21. Confirmed as a bug: opencl test doesn't run on some compatible hardware. Will fix soon.
  22. Marking this as solved. If you're still seeing this please open a new topic and include your .nbr file.
  23. Depending on your hardware there might be an open source runtime: Otherwise you can install the GPU drivers from your vendor's website (AMD, Intel, NVIDIA)
  24. Thanks for pointing this out. Move the .license file out of bin and into the same directory as ./novabench I'll fix the activation script in beta 2.
  25. Thanks, this one should be fixed now too. If anyone else is still seeing this let me know