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  1. Thanks for pointing this out. Move the .license file out of bin and into the same directory as ./novabench I'll fix the activation script in beta 2.
  2. Thanks, this one should be fixed now too. If anyone else is still seeing this let me know

    Welcome. Please post a link or screenshot to your score so we can help
  4. This should be fixed now! Can I get a confirmation from anyone who was seeing this problem?
  5. Bob

    Here's a primer on comparing your score: Your computer's score is in line with other's for that config., so there's no indication of any problem that needs to be addressed.
  6. Problem running GPU test

    The search issue should now be resolved
  7. Bob

    Looks like a good result for your computer. Do you have any particular questions about it?
  8. Problem running GPU test

    Please make sure you have the latest graphics drivers: Thanks for letting me know about the search error, I'll look into it.
  9. Bob

    Welcome! You can paste the link to your result here if you submitted it to Otherwise, some people choose to post a screenshot from the program.
  10. Easiest is a to get a new graphics card. Changing the CPU would mean you'd need a new motherboard (and probably RAM) as well.
  11. We have a few guides that might help, but you're probably going to need to buy a new graphics card to get the performance gain you want. For Minecraft specifically, Microsoft re-wrote the Windows 10 edition, and you might get better performance from it than the standard Java Minecraft.
  12. It looks like our server throws an error for a few specific test result configurations. If anyone seeing this problem can post their .nbr result file here, it would help me to fix this. (File -> Export -> Export Current Result)
  13. Errors in the event log

    Thanks for reporting this. I've done a few optimizations to the NovabenchService start-up time - it should be very quick. However, if you're still seeing a bit of a hang booting windows you can set NovabenchService from Automatic to Manual start-up mode under Services. Here's some more info on what the service does: The ESENT and other errors you're seeing should be harmless.
  14. Newbie to PC.

    Well you're on the right track with overclocking. We have some guides that may have a bit more here: Also afaik, PUBG is not the most well optimized game.
  15. Won't Load

    There are no known issues running it on Win 8.1. Does the installer run correctly? Does the program simply not load when clicked? Since your post I've released 4.0.2. Can you try that as well?