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  1. Hi Stephen, Can you post some examples of the scores you're seeing? Some small variance (a few percent up or down between runs) is normal due to randomness in activity and OS scheduling. It shouldn't only increase, however.
  2. SLI performance is complicated. As you mention, doubling performance is basically never going to happen. Speed-up can vary a lot between card models and configurations. Can you enable "SLI visual indicators" - as shown below - as a quick check that it's working at all? Just let me know how much of the green SLI bar fills during the test.
  3. Novabench won't install

    Jim, I see a few people posting about this issue with installers for other software as well. I think it may be related to permissions on your PC and not something we can fix yet on our end. Here is a workaround for now: Open Start Menu Type "cmd" to search for command prompt Right click Command Prompt, and "Run as Administrator" Type: cd Downloads (or wherever you downloaded novabench.msi) Type: msiexec /i novabench.msi WIXUI_DONTVALIDATEPATH="1" That should let the installation work. If anyone else is seeing this problem, please let me know.
  4. Newly built PC help

    Both your CPU and GPU are significantly underperforming. There might be a configuration problem. Take a look at our guides here for some tips on what to do next:
  5. Thanks for reporting this. I've merged your post with an existing post of likely the same problem. This is a high priority for me to fix!
  6. error message

    Confirmed as a bug: opencl test doesn't run on some compatible hardware. Will fix soon.
  7. Marking this as solved. If you're still seeing this please open a new topic and include your .nbr file.
  8. Depending on your hardware there might be an open source runtime: Otherwise you can install the GPU drivers from your vendor's website (AMD, Intel, NVIDIA)
  9. Thanks for pointing this out. Move the .license file out of bin and into the same directory as ./novabench I'll fix the activation script in beta 2.
  10. Thanks, this one should be fixed now too. If anyone else is still seeing this let me know

    Welcome. Please post a link or screenshot to your score so we can help
  12. This should be fixed now! Can I get a confirmation from anyone who was seeing this problem?
  13. Bob

    Here's a primer on comparing your score: Your computer's score is in line with other's for that config., so there's no indication of any problem that needs to be addressed.
  14. Problem running GPU test

    The search issue should now be resolved
  15. Bob

    Looks like a good result for your computer. Do you have any particular questions about it?