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  1. Zarel


    This is exactly why we did it. Well, that, and "Novawave" sounds a bit better, and "" is shorter than ""
  2. Zarel


    I used to play it a decent amount. Not nearly as much nowadays. My friends aren't playing it as much, and playing it alone isn't all that fun for me.
  3. Oh, the times when my Q6600 was the best here are long gone. :(
  4. Zarel

    Cms progress!!

    JavaScript has timer functions for that. ;)
  5. Zarel

    Cms progress!!

    Yeah, that. Some sort of routine to say "if the last ajax request was sent less than half a second ago, don't send a new one yet."
  6. Zarel

    Cms progress!!

    And some sort of rate limiter, so you don't chew up NTN bandwidth too much. ;)
  7. Zarel

    Cms progress!!

    ...we're not talking about a ton of points here... and there's not like there's much else to spend points on. Most of us really don't need any account upgrades...
  8. admits it - IPB 3 is moderately useful. Still not nearly as good as it could have been.

  9. I can add/update them. Look through Approved Requests; about half of the approvals are mine.

  10. Can you add and update NovaHost accounts or is that just Nathan?

  11. Unknown Album - Track 6 It's my favorite song! ^_^
  12. People come and go. But hmm, that tutorial does seem a bit too much like this one... Too bad bdoneck isn't here for me to interrogate. :( I'll let it pass.
  13. Zarel

    C++ Tutorials

    Exactly. That's why I recommended just using: int fahrenheit = (1.8 * celsius) + 32;
  14. Zarel

    C++ Tutorials

    Why are you making factor=1.8 a variable but not offset=32? Normally, magic numbers are a bad thing, but for something like this, you might as well hardcode the value. In any case, you should do it like this: double factor = 1.8; int offset = 32; int fahrenheit = (factor * celsius) + offset; Well, actually, if you're not going to use magic numbers, you might as well use #defines, which is what they're made for: #define TEMPCONV_FACTOR 1.8 #define TEMPCONV_OFFSET 32 int fahrenheit = (TEMPCONV_FACTOR * celsius) + TEMPCONV_OFFSET; But seriously. In a case like this, you have no reason not to just do: int fahrenheit = (1.8 * celsius) + 32;