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  1. Zarel added a post in a topic Disable maximize button - Google Chrome   

    If you're going for a pop-up, it's usually easier to simulate a pop-up window, like Lightbox, than to try to control external windows.

    This is Lightbox:
    Click on one of the images, to see the kind of pop-up I'm talking about.
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  2. Zarel added a post in a topic Time to give IE the boot?   

    IE9 is good, but not great. It's on par with current browsers, but there's a lot of HTML5 stuff it doesn't support. Drag-and-drop uploading, for instance.
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  3. Zarel added a post in a topic Novawave?   

    This is exactly why we did it.

    Well, that, and "Novawave" sounds a bit better, and "" is shorter than ""
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  4. Zarel added a post in a topic Minecraft   

    I used to play it a decent amount. Not nearly as much nowadays. My friends aren't playing it as much, and playing it alone isn't all that fun for me.
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  5. Zarel added a post in a topic Review Site Please!!!   

    Hmm. I see two backgrounds, an "inner" background and an "outer" background. I think the site would look a bit more compelling with a single background - it'd look more like a single cohesive website that way, while right now it looks a bit more like one website inside another website.

    As for the borders, I think pure white is a bit too bright for it. The most important part of your website should be the content (in this case, the text). That should be pure white. The other stuff would probably look better as grey.

    The sidebar menu doesn't look that much like a menu - it looks kind of like a list of text, at least until you move your mouse over it. I do like the mouseover effect, though.

    Those are my thoughts on design.

    The menu looks a bit long, as well. 16 items - that's a bit much to have in a flat list. Maybe categorize them, or merge them, or something?
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  6. Zarel added a post in a topic AT&T DSL Elite vs FIOS   

    Well, for me, I've found that DSL speeds are usually enough. Faster speeds are nice, but often not worth the price.

    On the other hand, bandwidth limits can cause problems. I once used a connection with a 15 GB/month limit - that was not enough for my day-to-day usage.
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  7. Zarel added a post in a topic IPB - Worth it?   

    Well, we got IPB back when this board was more active, so our current activity doesn't really reflect the conditions in which we got IPB. We have a few projects in the works that should renew recruitment.
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  8. Zarel added a topic in Graphic Design   

    Post your earliest and most recent designs!
    In this thread, we post the earliest design we can find, and the latest design we've made, so we can see how much progress we've made! :D

    I've made earlier designs, but this is the earliest one that I still have a copy of up:

    This is my most recent one:
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  9. Zarel added a post in a topic Probably the best Software Update ever from Apple   

    Yeah. Apple has a forced upgrade cycle, but it's not that vicious.
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  10. Zarel added a post in a topic .htaccess 301 redirection   

    I'd use [L,R=301,QSA]

    I append "QSA" to pretty much everything I do in mod_rewrite, though.
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  11. Zarel added a post in a topic Website Logo Ideas??   

    Well, to be exact, the account's restricted from posting. It can still appeal in the case of a misunderstanding, but it won't be able to post until it does.
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  12. Zarel added a post in a topic Website Logo Ideas??   

    Thought it looked spammy, so I googled the post text.
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  13. Zarel added a post in a topic Advertisement Box   

    You have light blue and cyan. They look ugly together.

    Either match the colors, or use something different enough that it doesn't clash.
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  14. Zarel added a post in a topic Is JavaScript a good beginner language?   

    You didn't notice the spam links? Now removed.

    Spambots can be really weird. They're harder to detect when they copy/paste posts from other websites, so you have to rely on external cues.
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  15. Zarel added a post in a topic Is JavaScript a good beginner language?   

    spam thread. mtptl is a spambot. The post text was copy/pasted from Yahoo Answers.
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