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  1. In the online results, the partition size appears to be over-weighted compared to write speed. I would think many performance-oriented systems might have a small primary partition (SSD or short-stroked) and a larger, slower second disk. For example: Larger hard drive with worse performance gets higher score. http://novabench.com/view/324. - Primary Partition Capacity: 52 GB - Drive Write Speed: 102 MB/s Hardware Tests (Score: 13) http://novabench.com/view/832 - Primary Partition Capacity: 112 GB - Drive Write Speed: 93 MB/s Hardware Tests (Score: 18) Similar performance, but larger capacity: http://novabench.com/view/1976 - Primary Partition Capacity: 293 GB - Drive Write Speed: 201 MB/s Hardware Tests (Score: 42) http://novabench.com/view/1611 - Primary Partition Capacity: 559 GB - Drive Write Speed: 199 MB/s Hardware Tests (Score: 58)