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  1. score update ;-) regards ac
  2. Hi, just noticed version 3.01 is back in the download area and content changed so I tested it again. Now it works for me, no more errors. I did benchmark test without overclocking because of the big heatwave here in north germany. actually its about 40 degrees celsius at my place and still getting higher ;-)
  3. same here. novabench 3.01 is crashing with an "unexpected error" and there is already error if you start will deactivate the desktop manager and switch windows scheme to basic mode. novabench 3.0 didnt do that. regards ac001
  4. its pretty much, well you know its just a hobby ;-) today nvidia released new whql driver 257.21, so I did a new run with novabench sysProfile
  5. thanks, my new setup is just 1 week old and not finished with optimization and overclocking. my old system before upgrade was rampage II, i7-975 and 2x Geforce GTX295. but since your benchmark was posted on majorgeeks and other top sites i am sure there will be higher scores soon. surely there are better systems around with more power. ;-)
  6. Hi, here is my new score. sysProfile