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  1. Chaos

    Hey Guys (:

    Hey Jamie, welcome baaack. ;)
  2. Thank you, I now have transcripts. :)
  3. No there isn't, too bad. :( How do I turn transcripts on?
  4. How will I be able to check if it is active? Also, I don't know his Cell. :P (Not too smart with MSN)
  5. My friend gave me a password to something in MSN yesterday, and I forgot to save it. He's at his dads until Monday and honestly I don't want to wait that long to get it back. (I logged out of MSN after he gave info.) Is there any possible way to get that password back without him getting involved? (Because he's away and can't. :p) Thanks!
  6. Chaos


    Hey, welcome to Novatech Forums! It's a great community, and of course we'll be gentle. Oh hey, could you hold my sludge hammer for me?
  7. Welcome amigo! :) Nice to have you here. I speak a little Spanish, so I'll do my best - and will use translators. It's no matter of course, Spanish is a nice language! :D
  8. Indeed Chris, I do like them a lot. ;)

  9. Indestructible - Disturbed Been listening to that a lot. ;)
  10. I've been hooked on Call of Duty MW2 recently. :P I just got the Akimbo Model 1887's so yeah, so much fun. ;) Plus, the game is really fun! And, the graphics just blow me away.
  11. Cool. :) I'm messing around on Super Mario Brothers. :P
  12. is a new Gold Member! :P

  13. Awesome, it sounds like a lot of fun. :)
  14. Just an update, I'm listening to Elevation, by U2. :)
  15. He had me confused for a bit there. :P

  16. I think I've heard of Conviction too. Is it fun?
  17. Cool, I've heard of that somewhere. Amazingly, I'm still playing Ruenscape!
  18. Speed of Sound - Coldplay. :)
  19. I'm currently playing Runescape. :P