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  1. I think I've covered all my big bills for the next ten months: car registration, and the car, contents and health insurance. Time to SAVE!

  2. Off to my the "naming ceremony" of two of my cousins... I don't know what to expect. Is it like a non-denominational christening?

  3. I do like the modern artwork of white paint the painter 'splashed' all over oyour back patio, them trampled back into the house...

  4. Nothing like a quick server recompile of a friday morning to add cURL-SSL support.

  5. I'm at Mojito Solutions (Thuringowa Central)

  6. Hahahahaha "One of 10 respondents said playing Words With Friends "has directly led to a hookup."" via @peterjblack

  7. Running PHP with libcurl is not as easy as it should be on WHM/Cpanel...

  8. Oh my god.. Lean Cuisine's "Beef in Red Wine Sauce with Garlic Mashed Potatoes" actually tastes like what it is. Thats a first!

  9. I do wonder what happened in oyour house tonight - I found a set of garden shears just lying around, but nobody has trimmed the garden :(

  10. My favourite IRC channel is down AND my favourite Minecraft server.... Is this the apocalypse?

  11. I talk to myself quietly a lot while I code... I'm only noticing it now because I'm alone in the office.

  12. I guess my dreams of seeing Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Gloria Gaynor and Aretha Franklin having a sing-off are dashed now. :(

  13. Dominos is telling me I should get Pizza for my Valentine... While I don't have a valentine, if I did, I wouldn't buy them Pizza.

  14. The only replies I get to emails are Delivery Status Notification Errors #foreveralone