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  1. Hey y'all! My first build is just about finished but the numbers say that my GTX 1080 is not performing as well as it should (maybe). According to Novabench my GTX 1080 loses to a 1070 right now which doesn't sound right to me. I have overclocked the GPU with MSI Afterburner to +200MHz core clock and +500 memory clock (but I saw no difference in performance in the bench mark btw which I though was strange). I know temperature is not the culprit, it stays below 50degC the whole (short) time of the test. So to put it short: might I have a faulty GPU or are the newest drivers just worse or is there something skewing the results on Novabench's end? I haven't tried playing any GPU hogging games yet (since I don't own any right now) and as a n00b I wouldn't understand personally if my performance was slightly worse than expected anyway so I suppose... might I hear your Novabench results for a single GTX 1080 or something? Any info really would help me out a lot. I don't feel comfy saying that my build is ready yet if I haven't properly checked that all my components are providing the performance that they should. Off topic extra: I would like to OC my Ryzen a bit since I have a pretty good cooler but I have no idea what voltages, ratios, etc. I should set for it so I'm all ears for suggestions.