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    make simply, do easy, feel free and be happy
  1. Abdul

    Post Your Desktop!

    software were nice, if u had get any error or virus attack u should problem in unistallation , because i386 folder edited by these things software, and after u should need xp setup cd for fixing error.
  2. my fiends list empty on here, any one whould like friendship with me?

  3. Abdul

    Currently Listening To?

    hello i have streaming link, which has mp4 and 3pg coded, audio is amr i can watch and listen it from mobile, but cant able to listen audio on pc, if i goes on Windows media player its say not support, on real player showing screen size too small not able to view only VLC player can paly but error on audio no coded found 'samr' can i found any alternative player for it?
  4. Abdul


    <P>good links<BR>you can earn from online work<BR><A href="http://www.freelancer.com">www.freelancer.com</A><BR>bid a project<BR>do work<BR>get paid if u selected, thier alredy many people, but its on luck, </P>
  5. hi friends, i like nova host so good, best service in this world without any adds, thanks nova

    1. Chris


      That's great to hear!

  6. Isi . Or islam admin. yoyour name not showing faithful. Islam is not maded by u. So how can u use this word?

  7. Try to PM nathan... he will be able to help you out :)

  8. salam, hi. my account had not open yet. i m waiting form a long time, what can i do?