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  1. This script checks whether it's up to date

    <%@ Page Language="VB" %>
    <script language="vb" runat="server">
     Sub Page_Load(Source As Object, E as EventArgs)
    	If Not IsPostBack Then
     	If Request.Browser.Browser = "IE" Then
     	If Request.Browser.MajorVersion < 8 Then
     	MyLabel.Text = "Time to upgrade Internet Explorer!"
     	MyLabel.Text = "Your copy of Internet Explorer is up to date."
     	End If
     	MyLabel.Text = "You're not using Internet Explorer"
     	End If
    	End If
     End Sub
    	<asp:Label id=MyLabel runat="server" Text=""/>

  2. Here are some of my suggestions for an ultimate CMS!

    AJAX username validator
    AJAX password strength
    Input boxes lined up in registration page
    When replying to a post, leave the comments in tact instead of replacing them with the reply box
    Login box at the top
    Get it W3C Validated