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  4. My 1080ti is using around 50% of its resources during the GPU test. Does anyone know what the issue is? I have confirmed: 1. no CPU bottleneck 2. V-sync off/G-sync Off 3. similar results with different driver versions 4. Global-Settings set to max performance 5. Tried various other settings + different driver versions 6. Tried higher GPU/CPU OC 7. Ran a time spy 3Dmark benchmark and saw 100% of GPU being utilized
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  6. ust came across this benchmarking tool which states:
  7. Hi Friends, Has anyone tried disabling HPET? Do it increase the performance of PC during gaming as it says here? Do let me know!
  8. Am i wrong or are you showing wrong results about temperature? I tested with others 2 programs and both have the same temperature, only novabench showing higher than it "should".
  9. So i was really unhappy with my gaming laptop that has I7 7700HQ and 1050Ti and always thought there was a problem with the gpu or cpu or cooling or whatever but never looked at the disc then i found novabench exists looked up my SSHD and im just wondering does novabench have all HDDs SSDs and SSHDs in the world in the database? Because i really want to know if my SSHD is actually the second worst SSHD in the world and the 43th worst disc in the world and im not even getting half the performance of this SSHD so if my disc wasnt jumping to high numbers like 66Mb/s or 93Mb/s while benchmarking i would get lower score than 17 which is the lowest.
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  11. Can anyone recommend me the best product from the list mentioned in this site.
  12. I am using Novabench portable to benchmark some laptops and when I ran on the first two laptops, I was able to rename those tests with the name of the laptop. But when I tested the third machine, I did not see the edit (pencil) icon to rename that test. I looked at the tests directory on the USB stick and the Readonly bit was set so I cleared it for that directory and all sub-directories. But the bit doesn't clear (or stay cleared). Does anyone have a suggestion on how to fix this?Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
  13. My 1080ti is using around 50% of its resources during the GPU test. Does anyone know what the issue is? I have confirmed: 1. no CPU bottleneck 2. V-sync off/G-sync Off 3. similar results with different driver versions 4. Global-Settings set to max performance 5. Tried various other settings + different driver versions 6. Tried higher GPU/CPU OC 7. Ran a time spy 3Dmark benchmark and saw 100% of GPU being utilized
  14. Yesterday i had the great idea to flash the BIOS of my new Zotac RTX 2070 Super Twin Fan. After I discovered that there is a driver for the Zotac 2070 Super AMP, I figured I could give it a shot, as both cards are basically the same and only differ in their BIOS, with the AMP letting you raise the power target. I used Zotac's official update tool and at first, everything worked great. I could raise the power target on my card, got better results in benchmarks and everything. Soon after though the card startet to be unstable, and now it's at a point where most games crash after a while. If you couldn't guess already, I am an idiot and of course didn't do a backup of the original BIOS before flashing.
  15. My CPU is registering speeds of 785 MHz. I've checked to see if my speeds are being throttled and they are not. why would an i7-4600U register so low?
  16. I want to benchmark my PC and I dont have the money for 3dmark.fedloan easybib
  17. Just came across this benchmarking tool which states: I checked the hardware scores and for some reason the 480 scores higher than the 580 so I just want to know if this is a reliable benchmarking tool compared to the others such as
  18. I wasnt there when he did the initial GPU swap, but I went round today to try and fix things for him. I re-seated the GPU and can confirm it is in a PCI X16 slot, I blew out the PCI slot also. I ran DDU for him and uninstalled all old Nvidia drivers in safe mode, installed the latest Nvidia drivers from the website (not through GeForce experience although that was added as part of the driver install). I swapped out his included 6 pin to molex adapter for the actual 6 pin module that was still sat in the EVGA PSU box in his loft. Ive even changed his power settings in Nvidia control panel and in Windows control panel to favor maximum performance (clutching at straws by this point). He is not confident in entering the BIOS to play with CPU power settings so I will try that another time. Im all out of ideas other than his card is just a dud. Advice is very welcome. His Novabench GPU score is 644, mine is 820. Ive checked GPU-Z during the benchmark and nothing jumps out as weird or abnormal, other than the brand our GPU specs are very similar. Replacing his system for a new setup is not financially viable right now, but minimal upgrades ie SSD and RAM are. We know his CPU is old, but its what hes got and that's it). Specs: Him - Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Mobo FX-8350 Cpu Zotac GTX1060 Amp! Edition Gpu (6gb Vram) 1x 8gb DDR3 stick of RAM (unsure of speed) EVGA 850 Watt modular Psu
  19. Hey y'all! My first build is just about finished but the numbers say that my GTX 1080 is not performing as well as it should (maybe). According to Novabench my GTX 1080 loses to a 1070 right now which doesn't sound right to me. I have overclocked the GPU with MSI Afterburner to +200MHz core clock and +500 memory clock (but I saw no difference in performance in the bench mark btw which I though was strange). I know temperature is not the culprit, it stays below 50degC the whole (short) time of the test. FetLife vshare So to put it short: might I have a faulty GPU or are the newest drivers just worse or is there something skewing the results on Novabench's end? I haven't tried playing any GPU hogging games yet (since I don't own any right now) and as a n00b I wouldn't understand personally if my performance was slightly worse than expected anyway so I suppose... might I hear your Novabench results for a single GTX 1080 or something? Any info really would help me out a lot. I don't feel comfy saying that my build is ready yet if I haven't properly checked that all my components are providing the performance that they should.
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  21. Can someone explain me the difference between those 2? Is the RTX the new gen and is basically better? I don't see many PC builds that include it, why? If I wanted to upgrade my graphics card and use it for the next 3 years do you recommend the gtx 1080 ti or the rtx 2080 ti?Buying a new pc soon and don’t think I want to spend the extra bucks for a 1070, so is 1060 still a go? I mean I can always upgrade later but is it more worth to invest in a 1070 from the get go?I'm not trying to compare specific graphics cards. I'm just trying to understand what "GTX" means, what "RTX" means, and which would be better for gaming. Thanks for the help.
  22. So guys like the title says I'm having a bit of an issue with my recently completed build receiving an incredibly low score in novabench. I decided on a SFF pc for my first build and after a ton of research I finally settled on the Fractal Design Node 202 for my case, yay. Well, unfortunately for me it also comes with a pci riser to allow the GPU to lie flat. I'm not sure if this is relevant, but it might be so i want to cover my bases here. I got everything put together and Windows installed perfectly fine on my SSD and it even recognized my 1TB HDD too. I went and installed all of m FetLife vshare y drivers and everything seemed to be okay, but then i installed novabench to test my rig out before jumping into a game, and low and behold, i walked away with a score of 195 for a total of 15FPS. Well i figured windows update probably was still going when i ran the first test so i ran it again last night, making sure that windows had updated and it had, and ran the test again. This time i got a score of 267 at 24FPS! WOW that was a bigish jump, uhhh okay, still low low.
  23. Nathan do you have an update for us on this issue? Something? Anything?
  24. The license at the time was a freeware license, with no restrictions on commercial use. If you installed Novabench 3 at the time it was available you're still under those terms. If you need new installations of Novabench 3, we now only distribute it under our new terms to license holders.
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  26. hi, i have the dell inspiron 3542. with i3-4005U, 4gb ram, 2gb Nvidia GEforce 820, and 500gd hdd i have had this laptop for the past 4.5 years. btw i am from India. the following are the novabench scores for my OS: CPU score 298 Ram score 4GB 127 GPU Score 179 Disk Score 27 ,writescore=94mb/s , reaadscore=100mb/s My daily usage includes mild multitasking, programming, web surfing and sometimes gaming(specifically fifa19)
  27. How come that Novabench returns slower read than write results generally ( Wouldn't one expect it to be the other way around?
  28. What framework are you using? Do you think frameworks are all terrible?
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  30. I am looking to get a laptop for work/school and on the go very light gaming, no AAA titles. Here in Canada, the i7 8550U, 16GB DDR4 and the MX150 is 1430$ CAD. I was wondering if there were any other options you guys would suggest? I heard the battery life is amazing which is a big plus for me, and the all metal body is also attractive in design or durability. So basically I'm asking if the laptop is as good as it sounds, any problems from experienced users and if there are and alternatives I should consider. Changing the OS to English is no problem for me as well. EDIT: While I'm at it, my known options to order it from Canada are Aliexpress and GearBest. Which would you guys suggest? shareit vidmate apk
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