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  3. PetStoreGuy

    Poor Performance

    Its official, I've ran into the dumbest person in the world.
  4. Maybe you misunderstood my question? The chip has switchable graphics and the benchmark is running on the low-energy graphics package, not the higher energy package. Backing up a little: the i7-8705g is only a few months old. Unlike most more graphics-capable laptop CPUs which have a low energy grafix solution in the CPU and a discrete GPU, the 8705g combines *two* integrated GPUs, one a low energy solution supplied by Intel and one a higher energy solution provided by AMD/Radeon. The Intel 630 may be older and lower powered, but the other part, the Radeon Vega part, is quite new and is generally described as being somewhere between a 1050 and a 1050Ti or even a 1060 in terms of capability. There are benchmarks out there showing this. The reason why the graphics results are so poor in my tests is because the tool is running only the low-power Intel grafix, and will not run on the newer, higher powered Vega part. I was looking for advice on how to get the tool to run the GPU tests correctly, on the more grafix-capable part of the chip. The most likely suggestion I've heard, elsewhere, is that the chip is too new and different from other designs in market, and Novabench needs to update its tools to test it properly.
  5. my 1080ti score hits 1268 try this. goto the nvidia control panel by right clicking the desktop and selecting it. choose power option prefer max performance.
  6. too old of a gpu. need upgrade. there are 592 gpu's and yours is around 499 in rank...
  7. Tragic

    Poor Performance

    when YOU'RE the one asking why your shit sucks and I don't know? wow loser just upgrade your shit and don't overclock because obviously you know zero.
  8. Tragic

    0 FPS WHY???

    out of a possible 592 gpus ranked first to worst yours ranks 489th place out of 592. 1080 ti ranks 3rd. you get 0 fps because for the modern day testing it is performing on that benchmark it does not rank. upgrade time my friend. sell a kidney for 1600.00 and get new rig. i suggest z270 mb with an i7 7700k and a gtx 1080
  9. Yesterday
  10. SylarFR

    0 FPS WHY???

    When I test my gpu i get 0 fps, dont know why please help see the test file below teste gpu.nbr
  11. Can't get the tool to recognize or run on the Radeon GPU. Confirmed from taskman that it's running on the Intel 630 GPU. Tried setting up all profiles for the novabench .exes to in the Radeon settings utility. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  12. naothaiquan1

    Site Updates & Unified Accounts

    thanks. good info
  13. Last week
  14. System: Windows professional 7 x64 NBench 4.05 I have this installed on two nearly identical Windows 7 virtual machines. The older Windows 7 runs NovaBench without any problems. The newer virtual machine presumably with some more updates, gives the signed driver error at startup and will not work. I saw the same issue posted earlier in 2017 which mentions a resolution in version 4.02 What configuration change to I perhaps need? Thanks
  15. PetStoreGuy

    Poor Performance

    I know it seems strange because it would require reading instead of being a smart ass but i'm looking for help understanding why MY machine could be testing in the bottom 4% of the machines with SAME specs. Clearly you have ZERO knowledge of computer repair and/or upgrades so move on to another topic that requires an uneducated troll.
  16. Tragic

    Poor Performance

    wtf do you want me to tell you? get a new rig. yours sucks. smh
  17. PetStoreGuy

    Poor Performance

    Thanks for the help...smh
  18. Tragic

    Poor Performance

    wow, my toaster got a higher score.
  19. Tragic

    Is something wrong with my config?

    ram score is fine. gpu score is awesome. cpu score is normal for 8700k. disk score is SHIT. buy a 860 pro by Samsung.
  20. Tragic

    how could i improve my PC

    update your bios, then buy a gpu. i suggest a gtx 1060 6gb with the i5 you have.
  21. Tragic

    Is my cpu really that bad

    wow...weak sauce
  22. I'm using it at home with an Admin account. Anyway after 2 days of researching, I managed to remove it buy removing read-only settings on the Start Menu folder (inside programdata) while the software was uninstalling simultaneously. Wont try reinstalling it in case the solution doesn't work anymore.
  23. Tragic

    GTX 1080ti very slow. pls help

    goto the nvidia control panel and set gpu power from optimal to maximum performance. then make sure vsync is off so as to not limit frames. try again.
  24. you need an upgrade. get a nice i5 7600k and a gtx 1070
  25. Tragic

    Upgrade or throwaway

    put it in a museum
  26. an i7 7700k would serve that gpu well. what ram you sporting? give me timings and core speed
  27. Thanks for letting me know, I haven't heard of this before. Is this a standard user account, or are you running this PC under a group policy (e.g. at work)? Have you seen any other installers unable to create a start menu icon?
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