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  3. Windows 7 is commonly using by the several users. You can simply install the driver in Windows 7 by using the device manager is available on the control panel. You can also use the Windows 10 because it adds some extra features compared to other windows operating system. For Instant Support related to the Windows 10 Please contact Windows 10 Support Number for the best solution.
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  5. I use the portable version and it seems like I used to be able to add a short description. I just used it for a short computer description (see attached). Am I doing something wrong? Thanks, Scott
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  7. Nathan

    Benchmarking Linux

    The linux test is command-line only, and displays scores in the following format: [... novabench-linux-4.0.0beta2]$ ./novabench -p /home/ec2-user Could not run GPU OpenCL compute test. Ensure computer has compatible GPU and drivers. CPU Score: 37 CPU General: 620170 CPU Targeted: 13215590 RAM Score: 131 RAM Size (MB): 990 RAM Speed (MB/s): 17463 GPU Compute (GFLOPS): 0 Disk Score: 32 Disk Write (MB/s): 69 Disk Read (MB/s): 177
  8. Tragic

    Is 2623 a good benchmark score?

    Yes it's a strong score over all, but the drive needs upgrading. samsung 960 evo nvme 512GB 155.00 on amazon. i7 8700 is strong ass chip. and the 1060 6gb is one of the best middle class GPUs in the game. upgrade the boot drive to NVME and enjoy a performance boost across the board. my score for disk is 264 with a 970 pro ram 369 (3200mhz cl14 trident z) cpu 1504 (i7 8700k 5.1ghz) gpu 1311 (evga 1080ti ftw3 hybrid 2050mhz)
  9. Tragic

    Benchmarking Linux

    Could you please askyour question in the form of a question?
  10. Hello how are you I'm a student and I'm doing some Benchmark tests, I need to know in the commercial version for Linux novabench reports the performance note as it happens in Windows?
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  12. Tragic

    Newbie to PC.

  13. Hello, I have a problem and I hope you can help me with this I'm starting the "Novabench Service" but that fails on my two pc [Windows 10 pro]. I start the service with administrator rights but still it does not work. I've even uninstalled Noavabench but did not do anything I would appreciate an answer 🙂 greetings Sebastian
  14. ZandercraftYT

    Is 2623 a good benchmark score?

    Hey... just wondering if the score I got was good or not... I'm fairly new to this. CPU Score (Intel Core i7 8700 4.28 GHz): 1379 GPU Score (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, 6GB, Direct3D 11: 140 FPS, OpenCL: 0 GFLOPS): 902 RAM Score (16 GB, RAM Speed: 25951 MB/s): 268 Disk Score (7400 RPM, Write Speed: 45 MB/s, Read Speed: 744 MB/s): 74
  15. Hi Maccy, all available cores should be tested, including multi-socket. Could you submit and post a link to a Novabench result to help me investigate? Thanks
  16. Hello together, For video editing I have a two socket workstation at home. Running the Novabench 4 CPU test I see that only half of the cores (one socket) is being utilized by the workload. Is this an expected behavior of Novabench? If yes, I guess it is not the right tool to measure the performance of multi socket systems. Thanks in advance for any info. Regards, Maccy
  17. waynehilbert5

    Newbie to PC.

    Update your operating system and all the drivers, check your background processes for CPU or RAM usage, and upgrade from standard HDD to an SSD. Go2top.
  18. Can you post a screenshot of the error message? Does it happen immediately when you start Novabench?
  19. pretty sure that model comes with a 1070. download and run speccy
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  21. I have a brand new Alienware RN 5. It mis-identifies my GPU as an Nvidia 1070. It has a 1080?
  22. I have an Alienware RN 5. My score is deplorable. I checked it. it sad I had an Nvidia 1070. I have a 180ti. Any ideas?
  23. Hi! Have a trouble with Intel Core i3-350M. It says "This type of CPU did not support". Why?
  24. Rocko11

    Mac Version Fixed Yet?

    I have given up hope this will be fixed. The dev doesn't seem to be working on anything or responding.
  25. Still broken. Is the dev planning on fixing this issue?!
  26. Tragic

    laptop vs desktop NVIDIA 1000 series

    15% weaker on average than the desktop variants.
  27. Tragic

    Getting low score on high end GPU

    my 1080 ti gives me 1289. sounds about right.
  28. Tragic

    Poor GPU performance from a great card

    set to max perf in nvidia control panel? or optimal?
  29. Tragic

    PC turns off high fan speed?

    re seat the RAM.
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