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  4. Hi, I am trying to install this on Windows 7 SP1 64-bit. It is a refreshed install, all up to date. No antivirus or firewall is enabled. Is there a log somewhere explaining why the Installer ended ? Thanks
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  6. I am getting this error also when I run the install. it fails immediately . Windows 7 , ASUS UL30A PC.
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  8. Any plans to add the general score in linux output? If not, please tell me the calculation criteria,so i can made a little script to translate the json output. Literally, I just buy it just to compare my new linux machinne against my others machines in the overal score 😕
  9. Overclocked

    Getting low score on high end GPU

    Having same issue, upgraded motherboard, cpu and ram, reinstalled windows 10 and drivers, old gtx 1070 score was 1194 non overclock, now it shows around 850, tried reinstalling drivers but no luck, any ideas?? Old score : New score :
  10. Thienthatha96

    I want to make this pc better for gaming

    Want to buy a prebuilt instead of building your own PC? Check out our guide to thebest gaming PCs.
  11. I bought a new gfx card a year back and it improved my system massively. I now want to push it to the next level if possible?
  12. its novabench as i get a score of 22000 on 3dmark
  13. MacPro 2010 5,1 - Mojave 10.14.1 Zero CPU Score. Disk Score doesn't appear correct either: NovaBench reports: Write= 204 MB/s / Read 221 MB/s. Disk Score = 47 BlackMagic and AJA Disk Speed Tests show my boot SSD running on a Sonnet Tempo Controller: Write=485 / Read=526 I tried to upload the NBR file to the Charts & Comparisons from the App, but it reported "Error submitting result, the result appears to be invalid and rejected".... I also tried to upload the NBR file to the Scores & Stats Sheet via the website, but the upload box doesn't appear linked. CPU_SCORE_ZERO.nbr
  14. Nathan

    linux support?

    At this time, the CLI - including linux, doesn't support online score submission
  15. tcross2k2

    linux support?

    how do you upload or submit results after running the cli in linux?
  16. Nathan

    lga 1155

    The CPU tuning guide may help as a starter:
  17. leelyepoh

    lga 1155

    I have a H61 motherboard with i5 2400 3.08 Ghz processor with 6Gb of DDR3 1066 Mhz memory. Currently running with Asus 710 graphic card with 2 Gb ram. My benchmark is 830 with Novabench. I know there's room for improvement but I'm not exactly a tech genius. I know a little about computer and I've mounted this pc myself. Kindly advise if any on how to improve further. I'm running Windows 10.
  18. Well, the same problem (with previous versions also): Faulty application name: NovabenchGUI.exe, version, timestamp: 0x5bb98264 Faulty module name: ntdll.dll, version: 6.2.9200.22376, timestamp: 0x5a90c271 Exception code: 0xc0000374 Error relocation: 0x00000000000da535 (Translated from greek). The strange thing is that the sooner after booting I try to open NovaBench the more possible it is to happen. If it happens and I open it again it works normally. It is just a bit of annoying but it would be good if there was a fix. OS is Windows 8 always.
  19. Icarus

    Slow Mac

    Hi, new here. Like the above, I appear to have problems with the imac (late 2014) retina 5k, iCore 7. CPU (17th percentile) and RAM (17585 MB/s with 32GB installed). Link to results. Any suggestions? Many thanks
  20. Mac Mini 2012 server - Mac OSX 10.12.6 zero CPU score. delete.tiff
  21. I redownloaded Portable. Got 4.0.6 (previous download was 4.0.5). Looks like 4.0.6 will run from shared folder. More later if further test say it doesn't.
  22. I would really appreciate some help understanding these results and then what to do about it. I understand that the disk speed is very slow (it is a HDD) 1TB that came with the machine. Model Apple HDD ST1000LM024. Rotational rate 5400 I don't understand much about the GPU and if it is a separate problem or affected by the HD speed. I'm not sure which is the biggest problem to deal with first I understand that the problem of 0 for the CPU brings the score down but that it is low regardless this is on an iMac 21.5 inch late 2012. I think all the other info is included in the result I mostly use it for internet and word processing. Apps take a while to start, sometimes 5-10 seconds and more startup is quite slow, it almost always goes to the white/grey screen with the progress bar which takes about 10-15 seconds to get over half way and then slows down, then a black screen, then back to the bar and then login screen basically everything runs fairly slowly, this has started happening over the last couple of weeks. I just installed mojave but it was happening before that it was happening a year ago then it wasn't used for a few months and then I started using it as my main computer a few months ago. It was running well then and I stopped using it for a cople of weeks and now it is slow like it was before novabench result.nbr
  23. Portable is designed to run from a shared folder as well - it could be a license issue when you downloaded your licensed copy. Email me at and I'll get this resolved for you.
  24. I manage a couple hundred computers. I want to get a snapshot of how each computer is running to compare that with a performance test when a system has a problem. I purchased two Novabench licenses -- one for my use and one for my tech. don't want to go through the hassle of installing, running tests, and uninstalling so I am trying to use the portable version. So I download a the portable to a server on a particular network, unzip it, and try to run it from a computer on the network and get a message that says "Novabench was not installed correctly. Please reinstall Novabench and try again." Is this happening because I am running it from a shared folder? Do I actually have to run it from a flashdrive? (That would be a huge hassle. I do much of my work at night remotely on customer systems that are as much as 50 miles away.)
  25. I can bring you a pile of 2012 MacBook Pro 13" models to test on if you'd like. I really like NovaBench, but I can't use it!
  26. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.6 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  27. This issue has been marked as solved in Novabench 4.0.6 for Windows. If you're still experiencing this issue, please open a new new topic.
  28. Hi, I want to upgrade some parts in my machine to improve my benchmark. Just looking for some ideas and advice on parts. I was considering upgrading to the Nvidia GTX 1060 3gb from my existing GTX 770. I have an MSI Z97 gaming 5 board, would I see a vast improvement in benchmark or performance by upgrading this? Would it be worth upgrading the CPU and RAM also? My current spec: Board - MSI Z97 gaming 5 Processor - Intel I7 - 4770k @ 3.50ghz Ram - Kingston KHX2400C11D3 2 x 8GB Dual core DDR3 Graphics - Nvidia GTX 770 4GB Hard drive - 2 x 240GB SSD OCZ ARC100 I'm not looking for a world beating machine, I'm simply wanting to see if it's worth improving on what I have and where I will see the biggest improvements. I don't use the PC for anything overly powerful, my main use would be Football Manager, but I still want a decent system 🙂 Any advice would be appreciated asap as I'm going to the computer fair in the morning. Thanks <a href=""><img src="" alt="Novabench Score" border="0" /></a>
  29. iamtall

    Poor score poor pc performance

    Here’s my results, sorry on my phone and thought they’d linked above
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