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  3. Hey y'all! My first build is just about finished but the numbers say that my GTX 1080 is not performing as well as it should (maybe). According to Novabench my GTX 1080 loses to a 1070 right now which doesn't sound right to me. I have overclocked the GPU with MSI Afterburner to +200MHz core clock and +500 memory clock (but I saw no difference in performance in the bench mark btw which I though was strange). I know temperature is not the culprit, it stays below 50degC the whole (short) time of the test. So to put it short: might I have a faulty GPU or are the newest drivers just worse or is there something skewing the results on Novabench's end? I haven't tried playing any GPU hogging games yet (since I don't own any right now) and as a n00b I wouldn't understand personally if my performance was slightly worse than expected anyway so I suppose... might I hear your Novabench results for a single GTX 1080 or something? Any info really would help me out a lot. I don't feel comfy saying that my build is ready yet if I haven't properly checked that all my components are providing the performance that they should.
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  5. I am looking to get a laptop for work/school and on the go very light gaming, no AAA titles. Here in Canada, the i7 8550U, 16GB DDR4 and the MX150 is 1430$ CAD. I was wondering if there were any other options you guys would suggest? I heard the battery life is amazing which is a big plus for me, and the all metal body is also attractive in design or durability. So basically I'm asking if the laptop is as good as it sounds, any problems from experienced users and if there are and alternatives I should consider. Changing the OS to English is no problem for me as well. EDIT: While I'm at it, my known options to order it from Canada are Aliexpress and GearBest. Which would you guys suggest?
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  8. I would assume that Novabench takes into account multiple cores, but the numbers I'm getting don't line up. For example: Intel Core i7-8665U 4C 1.9GHz = 996 Intel Core i7-9700 8C 3.0GHz = 1072 One would expect far more than a +7% boost considering the GHz increase and doubling of cores.
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  10. So my brother upgraded his GPU to a Zotac GTX1060 Amp! edition (on my recommendation) from an old GTX750Ti. Trouble is the Novabench score is really low compared to my MSi GTX1060 Gaming X and he is sitting around 55-60 fps in most of his games while I sit comfortably at 95-100 fps. So after checking out both of our system specs below, is it really possible that his CPU and RAM are having a detrimental affect on his benchmarks and real life performance? I wasnt there when he did the initial GPU swap, but I went round today to try and fix things for him. I re-seated the GPU and can confirm it is in a PCI X16 slot, I blew out the PCI slot also. I ran DDU for him and uninstalled all old Nvidia drivers in safe mode, installed the latest Nvidia drivers from the website (not through GeForce experience although that was added as part of the driver install). I swapped out his included 6 pin to molex adapter for the actual 6 pin module that was still sat in the EVGA PSU box in his loft. Ive even changed his power settings in Nvidia control panel and in Windows control panel to favor maximum performance (clutching at straws by this point). He is not confident in entering the BIOS to play with CPU power settings so I will try that another time. Im all out of ideas other than his card is just a dud. Advice is very welcome. His Novabench GPU score is 644, mine is 820. Ive checked GPU-Z during the benchmark and nothing jumps out as weird or abnormal, other than the brand our GPU specs are very similar.
  11. I'm looking for ways to play the games mentioned in the title of this post and old games in general that I can't find on Steam. I watched one of those Top 200 games for Lowend PC's and saw a few that caught my eye but after looking, I'm not sure as to where to find some of these titles.US distance calculator Getting a laptop for school has piqued my interest in PC gaming since bringing my PS4 to school is not ideal smiled upon. I'm seeking guidance in getting into playing games and looking for understanding how this realm operates. On console, things are straight forward but in this world, it appears that there are a million ways to do any one thing. I'm not tech-savvy and would appreciate the guidance that'll spare me from downloading anything that'll do my device any harm.
  12. Hi.. What should i buy ? Xiaomi notebook pro or other gaming series ? I don't play games too much, just a little bit in the night. Tks!
  13. What was the licensing situation for Novabench version 3? Was is totally free for commercial usage (with no Pro required)? If so, is it still allowed to use Novabench 3 for commercial use, or does the current Legal information (stated on now apply to Novabench 3? Thanks for the clarification on this.
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    My car

    Hi everybody! I'm a car enthusiast, so I think it's great to learn what all of you drive. Name: Year car model, make, and model Modifications (if any) / interesting facts Pictures I will go first. I haven't been able to drive yet, but I have a BMV i3 with full exterior LED upgrades, a grille, a pair of aftermarket fog lamps and a steering light, and a custom leather interior.
  16. This is on a the lower end Lenovo Y540 with a 32GB RAM upgrade. I wish I would have tested the stock 8GB Samsung stick before putting in the 32GB's of HyperX memory. I knew buying that the GPU would probably be my bottleneck. Verified Novabench Score: 2693 Tested on Aug 31, 2019 at 20:41 Intel Core i7-9750H at 4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Microsoft Windows 10 Home CPU Score 1350 Show details RAM Score - 32GB DDR4 322 RAM Speed: 29418 MB/s GPU Score 786 Direct3D 11: 113 FPS OpenCL: 2982 GFLOPS Disk Score 235 Write Speed: 2199 MB/s Read Speed: 1729 MB/s
  17. Hi, Got the error message: 'Could not reach Please check your network connection and try again' Help greatly appreciated. nbr file attached Novabench Result.nbr
  18. How do I increase my CPU speed? I'm not sure what's eating it up in comparison to like systems.
  19. I see that others have posted the same question about why my Mini Mac scores a 0 on the benchmark. I hope this is something that is being looked at.
  20. First time using this App,,, is there something wrong with performance? I have the top of the line 2019 iMac, , maxed out on RAM (128), and Write Speed on a 2 TB SSD storage appears to be reduced or at around 531 mb/sec, 8 core 9th Generation Intel CPU. Read speed on Disk appears to be as expected I guess, but what is happening to Write speed please?. I apologize for maybe a little ignorance, but with this Novabench test can it give me a proper reading or result from my Apples own internal 2TB apple pci-nvme? I think I tried this test with another, speed test provider, and it said that I could not test my own internal SSD. Thanks for any response,, and also what about the other result ie CPU,, they look terrible also, don't they?
  21. I see that others have posted the same question about why my Mini Mac scores a 0 on the benchmark. I hope this is something that is being looked at. Cheers khanhns35
  22. This post is really good but i have another issue whenever i tried to connect my windows Pc with Wifi it shows an error, so i want a proper solution how t remove this error.
  23. I hope there is a simple solution to the poor performance of my PC. Any suggestions??
  24. I thought I had a fairly decent gaming system until I ran this benchmark... Any ideas as to what could be causing the hold up?
  25. Let me give my experience here, I'm on one of their advisory boards as a representative one of their larger customers, so I've discussed this directly with their Product Groups. They are not anti-AMD, just look at what they're doing on the server side, they're going all-in for EPYC Rome, although they are forcing a server refresh there in order to ensure they only offer an EPYC Rome platform that supports PCIe 4.0. Their reasoning for that move was that they didn't want to confuse customers. On the client side of their business, there are just way more conservative. Unlike HP and Lenovo they din't jump in the water and only lightly dipped their toes in by releasing one Desktop and one Laptop on the Ryzen platform, just to see what market demand would be. Problem is, they didn't market it properly, so they saw really low demand, which lead to them canning the line for now because they couldn't win back the additional R&D cost they needed to make to field a different platform. It was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy unfortunately, but the decision behind it was pure business income/expense related skype spanish classes. We (as in, the last council) had a hefty discussion with their Workstation PG (which is different from the Desktop PG and the Laptop PG, they're all kind of competing with eachother internally at Dell, it's actually interesting to see) to get Threadripper into a Dell Precision. They actually did ran the numbers on that, and they did see a very niche situation where they thought they would be able to sell Threadripper over Xeon, but their worry was that if they did that, Intel would just drop Xeon prices, businesses would keep buying Intel, and they'd not be able to make back their R&D money. It's all very sane business reasoning. It sucks that they have to reason that way, but I do understand why they do it. Rest assured, there are multiple customers every year that are asking for AMD systems, unfortunately, there's always a larger amount of their larger customers who are also conservative and really don't care what CPU is in there, they want something that is stable and allows their users to be productive.
  26. Is there any way to fix this without wiping the system (Win 8.1) I've already wasted a day on setting up? So far I've only been able to find solutions that require a disk wipe through Diskpart. 970 Evo 1TB (GPT), seperated into two 500GB partitions. Windows 8.1 is already fully setup on one of them. The '970 Evo Win 10' partition is being detected by the Win 10 setup but even after multiple reformats and deletions I still get this error. My USB installer has just been created with the Media Creation Tool, 1903. Cloning its files to a 5GB partition on the same 970 Evo and starting the setup from there also didn't help. First time I have had this issue, I've been running Win 8.1/10 dual-boots for a couple of years now and always just installed them normally (every 6 months or so I do fresh installs). I would genuinely greatly appreciate a solution to this.
  27. Hello, My Computer is 1 week old. I have 1 SSD and 1HDD Disc. 7 days ago, i had a disk score around 110 and now around 60. I am not able to understand what happened during this week. I just added between 8GB of Ram but what would be the link?!... Thanks Precision: write speed: no change Read speed: From 1Gb/s to 380Mb/s...
  28. is there any way to manually set TJ max to monitor CPU temp? I have a socket 775 mobo with xenon 771 cpu novabench sets tj max at 100c should be 85c
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