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  4. I Have the same problem. The Author answer me about 2 months ago to install OSX Sierra... I don't know if he work on this issue or not... The previous version of Novabench is not available on site. Do you know where we can downloads it?
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  6. NB 4.0 - CPU Score is 0

    1/12 This is paid/pro version: Against this machine: It has a 4TB internal after market Aura SSD from Other World Computing. Just to give more data.
  7. Post your benchmark score

    Verified Novabench Score: 1831 Tested on Jan 12, 2018 at 20:25 Intel Core i7-4770 running at 3.4GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti macOS 10.13.2 CPU Score 838 Show details RAM Score - 32GB DDR3 293 RAM Speed: 21240 MB/s GPU Score 515 Metal 3D: 55 FPS OpenCL: 902 GFLOPS Disk Score 185 Write Speed: 770 MB/s Read Speed: 2056 MB/s Using a Samsung SSD 950 PRO 512GB as boot drive which has a write speed, according to "AJA System Test" of 1487 MB/s Also, the result isn't showing up in the "Top Mac's" list
  8. Nathan - Here are my results so far. Sorry for the delayed response (juggling several projects). Stephen.
  9. NB 4.0 - CPU Score is 0

    It's January 9, 2018. Do I have to purchase the Pro version to get CPU results? I'm running dual six-core X5690's on my 4,1 to 4,1 Mac Pro Tower running High Sierra 10.13.2. Thank you for creating this benchmarking software. Also, I can not upload my test results to your website for some reason. Mark
  10. Hi Stephen, Can you post some examples of the scores you're seeing? Some small variance (a few percent up or down between runs) is normal due to randomness in activity and OS scheduling. It shouldn't only increase, however.
  11. I am a security researcher and after hearing that "fixes" for the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities could reduce performance I installed Novabench to see if would help me investigate this. (You may see an uptick in downloads from other people thinking the same as me.) The product is easy to install and use, but I was surprised that every time I benchmark my test system the score increases, for no obvious reason. That makes me uncomfortable using this tool for research, but I freely acknowledge that performance testing is not my area of expertise, so could I be missing something? (BTW, if I decide to use Novabench in my work, for example, to produce an article on this topic for our blog ( then I will be sure my company buys a commercial license.) Appreciate any light you can shed on this (excuse the pun - derived from your graphics test with the light hitting the storage shed). Stephen Cobb, CISSP
  12. Thanks Commander123, i just installed net 4.6.2 from the link above and now Novabench is working fine.
  13. NB 4.0 - CPU Score is 0

    I cannot import my old test results either so disappointing this used to be a great bench marking utility guess ill move on to something else!
  14. NB 4.0 - CPU Score is 0

    I understand that this is a long standing problem that hasn't been fixed. I understand that you can't replicate this problem on your computer's. However, I is there anyway you can re-release an older version for Mac so that we can use it? I'm in the process of upgrading my computer and want to do a pre test and and post test to see what kind of gain's I receive. I have tried everything to get this to work on the computer I'm upgrading with no luck! I also purchased a brand new 15" I7 MacBook Pro and the new Version of Novabench works great on it. I'm running the same OS and same version of Novabench on both Machines but it doesn't like my older computer. I would love just an old version of Novabench even if it was just to run these two tests and the delete them forever.....
  15. OK, I fixed the issue myself... In another post, the developer said "it uses net 4.6". So, even though the system requirements for Novabench say it needs 4.5.2, I installed 4.6.2 from here: And now novabench works :) So apparently, novabench needas .NET 4.6.2 even though the installer doesn't seem to warn if you don't have it. Hope this will help others.
  16. Hello, same problem here on Windows 8.1 64-bit. Installed but after that it wont start.
  17. I just downloaded and installed the latest version on my Win7 Ultimate 64-bit for the first time. The installer went fine (I installed it in a custom path - UPDATE: I even tried the default path and it still crashes). But when I try to run the app from the shortcut, the program crashes in the "novabenchGUI.exe" module (Fault Module Name: StackHash_036d). What is wrong? (p.s. I have NET 4.5.2 installed)
  18. CPU zero score here as well. plow76 Result.nbr 27" iMac (Mid 2010), 2.8 GHz Quad-Core i5, 8GB RAM, OS 10.13.2 (High Sierra), ATI Radeon HD 5750 GPU
  19. Problem running GPU test

    Same issue here. Novabench lists the system as having only the integrated Intel HD 630, but actually runs the GPU test on the NVidia GTX 1050. Then it says "There was an issue running this test. Please reinstall if the issue continues"....or some such thing.
  20. NB 4.0 - CPU Score is 0

    Just one more CPU zero. Jan 3 2018 iMac NBv4.0.1 App store.nbr
  21. NB 4.0 - CPU Score is 0

    My test results show a CPU score of 0 and a ram speed of 0 MG/s with a score of 177 for that test GPU reports 227 Metel 3D : 19FPS I have a mid 2012 MacBook Pro running OS 10.13.2 (High Sierra) It has an Intel Core i7-3615QM at 2.3GHZ And an Intel HD Graphics 4000 It is configured with a 512G SSD and 16 GBs of Ram Hope this helps.......
  22. I have the same problem on a MacBook Pro running OS 10.11.6.
  23. SLI performance is complicated. As you mention, doubling performance is basically never going to happen. Speed-up can vary a lot between card models and configurations. Can you enable "SLI visual indicators" - as shown below - as a quick check that it's working at all? Just let me know how much of the green SLI bar fills during the test.
  24. Novabench won't install

    Jim, I see a few people posting about this issue with installers for other software as well. I think it may be related to permissions on your PC and not something we can fix yet on our end. Here is a workaround for now: Open Start Menu Type "cmd" to search for command prompt Right click Command Prompt, and "Run as Administrator" Type: cd Downloads (or wherever you downloaded novabench.msi) Type: msiexec /i novabench.msi WIXUI_DONTVALIDATEPATH="1" That should let the installation work. If anyone else is seeing this problem, please let me know.
  25. above is system with 1 gpu top pic is with one gpu, second is with 2. I expected much more performance increase. When I first ran I did not configure the nb3d.exe and got ZERO change but as shown above, second card seems to have done REMARKABLY little to bump performance. I didn't expect a doubling but I did expect at least 40-50% better results. Any thoughts (mobo is gigabyte mb99x-gaiming 5p
  26. I have downloaded the Windows 10 version but when I try and install it on my C drive I get the message: Installation directory must be on a local drive Any help appreciated Jim
  27. @Norman It is the NovaBench service, if you set it to "Manual" these problems will vanish. @Nathan Thanks for the response. I want to clarify that the "The open process for the service xx failed in DLL "C:\windows\system32\xxx.dll" errors are generated when I run the benchmark for the first time and not when I open the program as I firstly thought. Also, about the application error problem, these days I did a reset of my system with the help of the OEM recovey partition due to some other problem. When I installed NovaBench and tried to open it it errored four times without opening. I was wondering what to do, I remembered something I did some time before and I filled the "Start From" entry of the application's link with the application's folder path. Then I tried again to open it and it did without erroring. Yet I don't know if it completely solves the problem. Another thing that I noticed before resetting my system is that if I waited for sometime after booting before opening NovaBench it opened normally too. I hope this information will be of some help.
  28. Newly built PC help

    Both your CPU and GPU are significantly underperforming. There might be a configuration problem. Take a look at our guides here for some tips on what to do next:
  29. Thanks for reporting this. I've merged your post with an existing post of likely the same problem. This is a high priority for me to fix!
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