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  4. shadowgun1102

    Xiaomi notebook pro

    Hi..What should i buy ? Xiaomi notebook pro or other gaming series ? I don't play games too much, just a little bit in the night.
  5. nhungthientai

    Mac vs PC!!

    I'm hoping to use Novabench to help me rank computers that I look after. After trying a few, I actually came to one of the more powerful iMacs we have here, bought in 2014. It's a 3.2Ghz quad core i5, 27" iMac with Geforce GT 755M graphics. It's scores are as follows - Total - 887 RAM speed 9018MB/s, 8192MB System RAM RAM - 179 Floating Point Ops - 154765984 Integer Ops - 301771808 MD5 Hashes - 1285767 CPU - 508 3D FPS - 530 Graphics - 166 Prim Part 930GB Drive Write Speed - 112MB/s Hardware - 32 My desktop computer is a Windows 7, 2010 Dell i7 860 (2.8GhzQC) with a Geforce GT330 graphics card which scores as follows - 13/07/2016 10:44:06 AM Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Intel Core i7 860 2.80GHz @ 2794 MHz Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330 Total Score - 972 4087 MB System RAM (Score: 140) - RAM Speed: 9220 MB/s CPU Tests (Score: 668) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 206911944 - Integer Operations/Second: 727758736 - MD5 Hashes Generated/Second: 952824 Graphics Tests (Score: 137) - 3D Frames Per Second: 419 Hardware Tests (Score: 27) - Primary Partition Capacity: 465 GB - Drive Write Speed: 52 MB/s I would have expected the iMac to be of later generation processor, and overall score higher than my PC from 4 years before. Are the scores between OS'es supposed to be consistent with each other, and do these look right? Also, Mac .nbr files from all the macs I've saved them from appear "corrupt" when attempting to load into a Windows version of Novabench. Are they not cross compatible?
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  7. Microsoft Windows 10 Home16GB RAM (Score: 261)- RAM Speed: 16850 MB/sCPU Tests (Score: 994) - Floating Point Operations/Second: 358174764 - Integer Operations/Second: 1148538660 - Hashes Computed/Second: 1151016 GPU Tests (Score: 645)- 3D FPS: 1736Disk Tests (Score: 37)- Write Speed: 150 MB/s
  8. justdave1984

    Post your benchmark score

    Throw a 670 in there, another 4Gb RAM and an SSD and it will manage WoW and some new games (Medium settings) and most RPG. If your running a Large TV, window games to 720p. That CPU could probably run a little more with decent AIR cooling. Higher if you can find a cheap AIO cooler. Its all good fun, if you have time and a little beer money to play around.
  9. justdave1984

    Post your benchmark score

    Unfortunately CPU is bottle-necking my GPU now. But oh well, she plays well.
  10. Tragic

    advice on bench results - ge force 1070

    1070 is suited for high end 1080p gaming. at 1440p i would turn down settings to middle for decent fps.
  11. Tragic

    Thought I had a decent computer...

    the cpu is weak to be paired with that gpu. i would say get a 8700k also you need an SSD bad, install the OS on it and enjoy the boost.
  12. Tragic

    Should I upgrade my laptop

    I recommend acer predator helios 300 2018 model with the 144hz refresh screen. goes for 999.00 on sale and 1200.00 normally. has 1060 6GB and i7 8750H with 16gb ddr4 26666
  13. Tragic

    Post your benchmark score

    And an ssd
  14. im geting the same issue. installed the program but wont run due to "requires a digitally signed driver"
  15. heres my first score. i want to make the resolution for the graphics test higher like my monitors 1920x1080. i am thinking about buying the pro version but i want to see if i can change this please
  16. gaconvn1106

    Lenovo Thinkpad T61 or T60

    hi Which i should chose for Study and Gaming ? Thanks
  17. It's now 2019 --- and still the problem persists! Has Novabench reached EOL?
  18. Novabench Score: 2440 2/26/2019 8:16 PM OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Six-Core running at 3.45GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti CPU Score 1245 Show details Float Ops: 463748958 Integer Ops: 1451153712 Hash Ops: 1383032 RAM Score - 16GB 283 RAM Speed: 30282 MB/s GPU Score 825 Direct3D11: 122 FPS OpenCL: 2779 GFLOPS Disk Score 87 Write Speed: 507 MB/s Read Speed: 488 MB/s SeaSonic Focus Gold Series 850 Watt PSU Phantec P300 case Corsair Vengeance Red 3200 DDR4 AMD Ryzen 5 1600 (non-x) Zotac NVIDIA 1050 TI Single Fan Stock Case Exhaust Fan A 5 year old small intake fan held in with zip ties Crucial 500 GB SSD MSI Tomahawk B350 I always buy older hardware. I don't pay for latest and greatest to beta test the new stuff. Good Luck, my friends.
  19. xochlotya

    di i get the right results?

    I would like to know if I get a good result please some body could explain me more about it? I am trying to run premiere
  20. I've also had this issue the last several runs after overclocking. I'm attaching my .nbr. i9-9900k-cwh.nbr It seems like novabench doesn't trust it's own 'disk score'. The big change on my score that is being rejected as 'invalid' is the disk score of 641. Write speed is 11659 mb/s read is 4178 mb/s. This score occured after I installed onboard NVME SSD. This is a Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB drive. Any result since installing this drive is rejected as invalid. I suppose that is because that value does appear to be invalid. This SSD should be closer to 3500 mb/s read and 2500 mb/s write, I would think. Something about these drives appears to throw off the results.
  21. I have a MacBook Pro 2013 with an Intel Core i7 4960HQ, 16GB of RAM and a Nividia Geforce GT 750M. I recently bought an Asus AMD RX590 8GB with the Sonnet Breakaway Box 550. I connected them to the Thunderbolt 2 of the Thunderbolt 3 adapter. In the test, however, only the GT 750M is displayed and I always have the same GPU value of 547, if I then turn off the eGPU (external GPU), I have a GPU score of 259! How can it be that a RX590 only creates a 547 score? Is there anything wrong with the Thunderbolt 2 on Thunderbolt 3 adapter, or is the Apple driver stalled at a score of 547? (RX590 GPU score 547 and permanently 60fps in the test) But in games like Ark, Fortnite or Subnautica I only have 40-50fps What's wrong with my stuff? I am happy about help and tips Greetings Mika
  22. alanrogger007

    MacBook Pro w/ 15.4" Retina display benchmark score

    When I tried the Benchmark test then suddenly chrome keeps crashing and not opening at all so please help me to fix the problem so that I can use it again.
  23. greatestcommonfactor

    Fails to run on Windows 10 1809

    I figured out the issue. It was our AppLocker GPO. Once I removed denied read access to a Windows 10 system for that GPO, Novabench started working.
  24. bpa

    Fails to run on Windows 10 1809

    Sorry, I also realized I responded to this from a different account. I've added some screenshots of the errors. Once of running all of the tests, running just the GPU tests, and running from the portable version.
  25. bpa

    Fails to run on Windows 10 1809

    Doesn't matter. All of my Windows 10 systems. I am running it on systems in an enterprise environment with GPOs. It does run on my Windows 7 systems though in the same environment.
  26. LunaticUK

    Should I upgrade my laptop

    Based on my results, is it time that I got a new laptop? I only use it for maintaining a website, browsing, emails, Photoshop and other light 'business application' use. Opinions and advice sought please.
  27. Angela2801

    MSI Laptops

    My desktop is beating this score of 700 points, almost all in GPU scores. My desktop computer is 780ti I have the performance set in the nvidia control panel for novabench, but I suspect that it doesn't use the GPU but the intel instead.
  28. Rizzko

    Thought I had a decent computer...

    your cpu score is bad in the novabench result do you have a good psu? is it running hot? do you have garbage processes or apps running?
  29. I have run a couple of benchmarks to day and the last result This is a brand new iMac but considering all the spec it seems to run quite slow, opening programs etc, can you tell me if its my imagination or there are some issues
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