Novabench Test Information

CPU Tests

Targeted Tests

A series of muti-core tests that each target specific instruction pipelines of the CPU. These include general-purpose instructions, the FPU, and other instruction set extensions.

General Purpose Test

This test allows Novabench to evaluate general CPU performance while controlling for memory performance and other variables.

GPU Tests

The graphics tests are designed to run on most graphics cards and integrated graphics released since 2012 (or possibly older). If the system's graphics capabilities don't meet the test requirements, the test will be skipped and a score of 0 will be given. If you know that the graphics tests are not supported, or the system does not have graphics capabilities, you can skip them by selecting Run All Tests Without GPU from the Tests menu.

Graphics Test

This test renders a 3D scene, measuring frame drawing performance. On Windows the test uses Direct3D 11, while macOS uses Metal. The scene is rendered internally at a fixed 1280x720 resolution.

Compute Test

GPUs are now commonly used for general-purpose tasks beyond video games, or in video game tasks previously done on the CPU. GPU compute tasks include video rendering, machine learning, and various scientific applications. This OpenCL-based test evaluates the GPU's single-precision performance in general-purpose computing.

Multi-GPU Support

Novabench 4's graphics tests support Multi-GPU configurations. On systems running multiple graphics cards using NVIDIA SLI or AMD CrossFire, Novabench will show instructions to enable rendering support in your graphics driver's control panel.

RAM Test

The RAM test evaluates the system's memory transfer performance.

Disk Tests

This test measures direct, sequential disk read and write speeds of the solid state or hard disk drive that the OS is installed on. You can test a custom drive by selecting Disk Test under the Tests menu.

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