Novabench data is available through a REST API. Contact us for an API key - include a brief description of what you're building.

Access & Authentication

Include your key in a request header: key: <your-api-key>

Rate Limit

Endpoints are rate limited. The specific limit varies. If you are seeing 429 Too Many Requests, contact us to discuss your needs.

Data Format

Our API conforms to the JSON API specification. This spec defines conventions to nicely model different data types, their relationships, and metadata. There's likely a JSON API client in your language.

Available Endpoints:

Benchmark Scores

GET scores/top

Fetches an ordered list of user-submitted benchmark results

Optional params:
page - Page number
filter[sort] - Sort the results by score or inserted-at. Prefix - to reverse (e.g. -score).
filter[query] - Query the results by computer part name

GET scores/:id

Fetches a user-submitted benchmark result by id

Optional params:

Computer Parts

GET parts/top/:type

Fetches computer parts, ordered by benchmark score, of type, where type is cpu, gpu, or disk

Optional params:
vendor - all, amd, intel, nvidia
all - false: filter to only popular parts, true: show all

GET parts/:slug

Fetches a computer part by its slug. The slug can be retrieved from the top parts call above.

Optional params:

System Configurations

GET systems/:id/scores

Fetches all scores for a system configuration id (ids are included in the scores endpoint)

Optional params: